C. S. Lewis didn’t only write stories and apologia, he was also a professor of English literature and he has a book on Milton. He says that Christians might resent the degradation of the Word of God being treated in his epic as if its on the same level as heathen poetry. Dante and neech do something similar in their own ways in writing something in the tradition of the Bible that is almost on par with it.

This has cohesion with my previous posts in that I take Paradise Lost to be a 17th century interpretation of the meaning of evil (among other things).

“I’ll tell you what evil is, it’s believing everyone doesn’t have an equal soul!” They don’t, just talk to people and find out. “So evil is not pretending they do then!” Arf arf, needing to live in delusion says something about YOUR soul.

Milton reminds me of Xenophon in the fact that Roger was still writing when he was born. It’s just not fair, his work can never be appreciated for that reason.

Anyway, Lewis goes on and on about the nature of epic itself, I’m skipping those chapters for now

Johnson has complained that Milton thought men made only for rebellion and women only for obedience.

If you’re obedient to the state you aren’t a rebel, so stop telling yourself you are. You’re as obedient as you were when you were confined to the home. Haha!

Remember there’s been lots of speculation that Milton was secretly on the side of Lucifer in his epic. The poet himself was opposed to the House of Stuart of his time, if that’s any clue. There’s a tension in being a rebel regarding politics and a rebel regarding God. Many seem to rebel against God. Our political order is a rebellion against God (as I see it anyway). So if you rebel against our political order you aren’t rebelling against God. You don’t have to think about it in theological language. I’m perfectly fine with saying that the ones who rule the world seem to be some type of crafty retard. They don’t understand Justice, they merely have the ability to give people the appearance they do.

They say Tolkien was a reactionary. He and Lewis were good pals

by stepping out of its place in the system… it has made the very nature of things its enemy.

This is how people who question da jooze are perceived. The noble martyrs who are destined by nature to rule the human race. Have you decided whether you want to do some accounting work for me or not yet? What we’re seeing today with what Heisman calls the aristocracy of victimhood is various types of people stepping out of their place in the system. This is a form of rebelling against God, and they love it. More negatively put, in Kierkegaard’s language, radical evil is in conscious defiance of the good. There’s no way to talk about morality using an equalist framework, that’s why all this is so impossible to discuss in normal conversation. Morality is essentially off-limits because it presupposes notions that are hostile to politically-enforced norms.

You don’t get this realism very often (written in 1942)

Every being is a conductor of superior love or agape to the being below it, and of inferior love or eros to the being above.

This can be interpreted theologically besides being about the human world. You don’t get this, you simply don’t understand God. What feminism is, the personification of this misunderstanding.

Can we all just take a step back for a second and laugh together at the idea that we’re supposed to take them seriously when merchants, sluts, and niggers act like their opinion has any value at all? You’re a failure, no one cares what you say. Failed human beings, less than human beings. We’re supposed to take them seriously HAHAHAHA! It’s like that idea of “your dog walking you”. The immoral morons of the world are in charge, sounds like a good idea. Alas, when they’re “found out” that only more closely binds them together against us. That’s all subhumans are capable of, the state of the world be damned. This is a post about evil, mind you.

Funny Roger

What? I say, my foot my tutor?

Lewis claims this theme is prominent in his plays. Modern feet probably wouldn’t tell you that. One doesn’t usually hear an Irishman talking like Lewis, must be a pre-war thing. Well-put-together and of sound instinct. One can tell that by his Christian apology texts. I just didn’t know this about him politically though. He is a friend of the Great Chain of Being.

Imagine being an enemy of Being. Couldn’t be you. Nothing confused and evil about that. A foot hopping around not attached to any brain. What could it get up to? Probably activities and beliefs that would befit a foot. Watch out, the feet will all surround you and kick you if you tell them what they are.

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