Look at this peculiar study. He edited their law to adjust to new conditions

I hadn’t heard this one before, something to keep an eye out for

the expression “star worshiper,” an appellation unequivocally reserved for idolaters, was substituted for the term goy

Zoroastrians, the original goys, worshiped the stars. The Alawites of Syria to this day do as well. Talk about Khmelnytsky sowing early vengeance and hatred, it probably goes back to these star-worshipers, and they probably see us in the modern day as the same as them. Ultra-conservative, gotta hand it to em.

Things changed for them once Zoroastrianism was replaced by Islam, and they had to adjust the Talmud which was written close to the same time as the Quran, and that’s where Maimonides (1138–1204) is important.

You think this sort of thing wasn’t of significance to him?

Most of this happened after Maimonides established their merch laws

The scholar I found draws from the Cairo Geniza, that buried collection of 330,000 documents that was excavated about a century ago.

He’s painting them as saints so far, this is just an interesting angle for their enemies to take up

Marxists obsessed with “capitalism” never mention any of this, I wonder why. WE know why, don’t we? Everyone knows now. It’s their merch codes, cladistic or not, that rule the world.

“Just give up already like I have!” You’re a sickening worm.

Rambam was the heeb of heebs for many centuries.

You sell-outs don’t care, why do I bother. Happy slaves. “You caught me!” Only a demon would be happy about that.

Americans just truly do hate philosophers. I had such high hopes for them at one time. It probably would’ve been better to never have had hope at all. Reincarnated into animals in this life and the next.

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