I’m just your puppet, that’s all. What’s wrong with that, does it make you uneasy? You should make a youtube channel where you flap its mouth while my posts are read and you, visibly stressful, use your other hand to rub your temples. You don’t think it’s real, it’s not you flapping the puppet’s mouth. You harshly condemn what it’s saying in fact. None of it’s true, all the people who are criticized here are innocent angels.

This just puts all of history into question for me. The various mainstream figures that are supposed to represent a given century. If this puppet phenomenon is possible then I really doubt that’s what the century was about. The ones we know of from the surface of the century must only be expressing the status quo belief. Not the secrets that are hidden in the status quo. Or, exceptions you might think of are Spinoza and Rousseau who were exiled. That’s a sign to me that they were expressing the real meaning of their time. All of the disgusting slob masses hated them for revealing it.

I ask you again, can you think of even five people who have been disappeared in the last decade? They tend to be the most rational ones around. And/or the funniest. Just looking at how the world works today, I have extreme doubt about the validity of the standard tm version of each century. They even disappear Alex Jones and he’s a very safe thinker.

I just wonder what people think the point of the world is, because for a few years now it’s just a daily thing for me to conclude that almost everyone does not want to hear certain things that I do not believe are inaccurate. In other words, even people who you’d otherwise think are your friend are content with you not being visible in public discourse. What’s the point of the world? To live in delusion and make sure reality is kept well-hidden? This is an atavism of monotheism we’re seeing here. In order to keep the One Faith strong anyone who disagrees needs to be eliminated. I just don’t care anymore, everyone is on the side of the disappearers. How can you be like that? I can’t imagine that. Probably something to do with the white picket fence and all that. You just want to have a normal life that you’re supposed to have. Are you supposed to? The dream life seems to be a bunch of nonsense if it entails disappearing those who you disagree with. That’s the hidden condition of it? Who could live with that? Many people in fact.

I’m just done being your babysitter. Without me around you’re going to lapse into animality, and that’s fine, when did I ever sign up to say that’s my responsibility? You can sacrifice your dignity, I don’t care, if you’re so equal and capable of having liberty then that shouldn’t be a problem then huh? From what I can tell, most of the dignity is already gone anyway. Imagine the kind of incentive I have to talk to people like that. In most cases people chose to be degraded beings. Why would I want to talk to you? There’s no excitement unless you are anticipating a conversation with equals. Talking to people who sold their souls is itself degrading. Here we go, how many hundreds of days in a row now to speak to the wretched? It’s so fulfilling to talk to this type of person. I can only be enthusiastic. And if you feel personally accused then you know why you’d never create a puppet show with all this. Because you want that about you to be disappeared.

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