“We’re going to make sure you never think about anything again.”

Who, you Jews and Orcs too? You’ve never thought about anything yourselves.

“We’re going to make sure you never think about anything again.”

That sounds like something a nigger would say.

Are you a nigger?

“We’re going to make sure you never think about anything again.”

So you’re a nigger. Are you as glad as I am that we established that fact, nigger?

Someone finally referring to you with your real name. Are you not happy about it?

“We niggers will triumph!”

Not like you’d ever be that honest and say what you are. All the different kinds of niggers use bots to make themselves feel smart and human. Do you think there will be bots in the future? I think that’s their hope. They think that women, niggers, and jews will be augmented by bots in the future. So… that leads you to wanting to eliminate actual human beings who see you as niggers? I think you’re just a nigger.

“Guess what niggers do, we use bots to feel smart.” And are you going to use a bot for this too? How about in the future when white men do not exist? Are you happy now you bitter peasant? You were born with an imbecile brain, how does that feel? Must not feel good. So take it out on people who can see that you are a nigger and nothing else. What a total nigger! What a worthless thing. How many years have you hid this now, using tech and fed agencies? Why don’t you just admit that you’re a subhuman? That’s what it seems like to me. A nigger that relies on tech and the idiot herd in order to silence people who are actual human beings. Hello, I think you’re a nigger. Do you not like that’s what a human being says? Haha you’re a subhuman nigger, congratulations.

It’s an objective truth that you’re all subhuman niggers.

Want people not to know that? Aww, poor monkey, what do you expect to do to stop being a monkey, hate those who aren’t monkeys like you? “Yes!” Now you know the real meaning of socialism and its variants then. “All monkeys hate old Europe and its ability to have the attention span to read more than a paragraph at a time.” Wow, that does sound like a nigger. It can only read a paragraph at a time? And paragraphs about what? Probably some nigger subject at that. Admit it, you’re a nigger. Can you do that? I doubt it. That’s part of your nature, never being able to admit it. Your ideology is about switching the brain off, you’re a nigger. “And what are you going to do about it?” All I can do is firmly advise that all of these creatures should be shot without question. A majority of monkeys who hate intellectuals, what other option is there?

“We threatened them into silence haha!”

Does that change the fact that you’re an ape who happens to look like a human?

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