A study like this actually exists

People love our elites because with them in place people can behave pathetically and the only way anyone is allowed to respond is with “Awesome work!!” While I’m not sure I’d call that an “elite”, they are what they are.

“Hey white slaves, we want you to be more like the black slaves- would you mind doing that for us?” “Sure thing!” If only this were a bad dream of mine. It isn’t, it’s real.

Ah so this is a constant across cultures

To gain the support of subordinated groups, an elite must convince the masses that its sectional interests represent the wider public or national interest

I’ve said a few times now, the most interesting study one could find would be on SILENCE about that subordination. Is that a constant? If so are there any quasi-anomalies? How do they function?

From what I’ve gathered about China, there IS an enforced silence regarding subordination to the Hakka.

Trying to think about it charitably, the more perceptive commies here support our elites because they see them as facilitating a utopia. The nature of this utopia seems to consist in an orchestrated “letting go”. You can be who you want to be, no one is going to question you for being a pleb. You can express yourself loudly that you are a vulgar person. You can just relax, being ignorant and pre-civilized is fine, show it to the world with reckless abandon. Is that utopia? Many seem to think so. I for one had the urge to write about the hidden meaning of some paintings this morning, I wish people would express themselves that way more. “Letting go” means letting go of higher standards. That’s not a utopia, and our elites aren’t elite. This is where (non-relativist) perspectivism is relevant- for the pleb-type that IS utopia. Or in the case of the master-pleb type, the Jew can be scum right in public and confetti will rain down on the kike. It’s all a celebration of no one holding them to a higher standard anymore.

This is what debates concern in the developing world

the institutionalisation of those nationalist elites that led their countries to independence from colonialism.

Being judged at all is seen as a remnant of slavery to the pleb. Or again in the case of the Jew, it’s seen as a remnant of living in a Christian country. Being judged for being pre-civilized is seen as colonialism.

This is recent, we’re still living in the wake of this

Instructing savages how to live is stigmatized today, and that applies to the muggles among the whites as well, of which there are a great many. The Irish seem to be particularly vulnerable to this, so I might have to write about their history with British colonialism later. They don’t have to be that way, they can be like Yeats! All of these peoples with unfortunate histories still have two paths before them, and our “elites” only encourage them down the more pre-civilized one. The lowest common denominator, that’s what everyone is led to gravitate to. Talk in public about how horny you are, you’re as immodest as a black woman. Next step you’ll be going around with your breasts bare like they do on the plains of Africa. “What’s wrong with that!” Exactly. Tell me what you think about a painting instead. Maybe then you’d seem like someone worthy of being fucked. Yeah this person who acts like an African savage is someone I find really attractive, wow! I trace this back to Lil Kim, people like that, from a couple decades ago. That’s when standards began to fall, when that was promoted as something we should be “tolerant” of. Should’ve kept the slave-songs off the TV. The Congo has arrived, and it’s probably YOU. Twerk for me, that’s so hot. I might as well be catching you taking a dump in public when I see that. That’s what you get with equalism, you’ll overhear the dumbest conversations, everywhere–get used to it.

This is interesting

Robert Michels (1959) and Milovan Djilas (1957) who highlighted the apparent oligarchical tendencies inherent in the Leninist party model.

So when I tell them they look like hypocrites for repeating the same exact boilerplate of the corporations it must run off them like water droplets off a duck. It must be their wildest dream that’s taking place right now, Capital in service of justifying letting go and being an uninhibited plebeian. So disgusting to witness. I really wish they did have fur on their face, because it would make the reality a lot less hidden. All the different types of nigger in a conspiracy together against the minority that is in possession of a soul.

“He did it again, he said the word that describes us the best!” Did I? What a sad THING you are.

I always reflect on how this is probably the sort of thing people in gulags said before they were starved to death.

The objects are closing in. They want to absorb you and make you like them. It’s like quicksand, and it seems there’s only a hand left above the surface. That’s the state of the west as I see it.

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