So this kind of thing just happens eventually in the course of the evolution of consciousness

the very term aesthetics was coined in 1735 by Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten (from the Greek aisthanesthai, “to perceive”)

By the 1760s it was a normal word people used. sigh If only that would happen with “bioleninist” haha. “We’re keeping your culture caged on the internet!”

In 1804 Richter observed “There is nothing more abundant in our time than aestheticians.” New ways of looking at the world spontaneously emerge like that, that happens.

I’m looking at the writings of the aesthetician Herder now. Why don’t contemporary people talk about most of this kind of stuff?

In Germany in the 1700s Christian Wolff was kind of like the Badiou of the time. He was the main dude of the academy and math was the dominant mode of epistemology that philosophy had to pay lip-service to. This is what led the way for Baumgarten’s development of aesthetics as an alternative avenue of reasoning, which is concerned more with the senses than abstraction. Baumgarten still isn’t in English from what I can tell. The obscure origins–many such cases! He, like Herder, was forgotten due to Kant’s eminence.

From the origins to Hegel, all the way to Heidegger, this was the aesthetic conviction

Poetry… for Baumgarten was the paradigmatic form of artistic expression

No one reads poetry today. I wonder if we’ve lost something with that practice in obsolescence?

We are speaking here of the discernment of beauty.

This is too real

You can keep your relativism, I’ll have none of it. I tend to trust people with faces like Herder’s, maybe it’s just me

You should’ve written about how to crush Saxons in war you fool!

No reason to live in the past. Here is an essay of his he actually wrote

I know of one cause he probably doesn’t mention

He begins the essay saying that taste only appears on a narrow region of the earth, and when it does it’s fleeting. Quite.

Do you find it amusing that I try to convince the elite-caste to escape to the moon or a seastead? They’ll have none of it. They want the same old failed human specimens to occupy those places. They look for excuses to put subhumans on every surface of the known universe. They don’t have the will to escape, they’re too much of a minority, they’re smothered by the beasts, and their own bestial impulses not to mention. I’ve felt alone in the wilderness shouting about this.

“We can’t leave them behind!”

They see it as abandoning a child. I otherwise would be opposed to that if not abandoning it didn’t mean turning into a child yourself. That is what we are seeing. In not sacrificing the children of humanity, humanity sacrifices itself. Everyone is in denial that this is happening. The Jew will never admit they’re the central problem. The serf-bloods are enjoying their brief recognition as equals for the first time in centuries and they will not give that up at any cost. The soulless holes likewise. Meanwhile, the Chinese have no incentive to emphasize it’s happening because it is only a good thing for their future hegemony. The minority of bluebloods that have somehow survived the string of so-called “revolutions” keep their heads down, probably concerned above all with gathering wealth so as to survive the apocalypse on the horizon. For the love of god, buy a condo in Beijing and start an antisemitic, anti-american media corporation, please! The fact that I know of nothing like this is all the proof I need of the absence of divine sparks remaining in humanity. A dead, smoldering ruin with zero redemptive qualities whatsoever. They’re probably using the last of their nobility-energy to celebrate this subhuman spectacle. Niggers all. I refuse to grant them any recognition as persons. You are a serf and you act like it too. I want you strapped to a plow in a field with your tongue cut out, that’s my fantasy. The world would instantly be a better place if these lowly schmoozers were removed from the public.

I’ll never be your beast of burden
Never, never, never, never, never, never, never be


Who tunes into these rants anyway? Monocle-wearers to be sure.

Some hope from Herder

And if a body is dying, then even the best diet or exercise cannot help. This is shown by every lone voice raised in the centuries of barbarism and corrupt taste. If they were merely voices, they remained ineffectual. But if these voices were joined with creative powers, if they roused the genius and stirred others, then a better age dawned.

Independent artists need to be financed. Probably the only way we’re getting out of this.

How much capital is put into making subhumans feel happy about what they are? Billions and billions a year. And not a cent into portraying them as the putrid creatures they are. They shouldn’t be happy about what they are, they should be given ideals to aspire to.

Even non-mainstream art adjusts itself to the status quo. Emptiness everywhere. Apes need to be shot in the head on the plane of art. Euthanasia of the neanderthal. I don’t expect this to be done, this is just what needs to be done. Art has the potential to destroy the cathedral, to be sovereign unto itself, and it is never actualized.

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