I’m still preoccupied, I think fairly, with Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter. You know what the highest-grossing franchise of all time is in general? Pokemon. What’s the similarity between all these? There’s a strong fantasy element. So I’m going to take that genre very seriously.

Why would so many people be so attracted to the idea of evolution?

I mean, what else is the game about?

The axis ethos is hidden in all these most popular franchises.

Consider the possibility of it not being so hidden in a fantasy.

It still has to remain a fantasy. That’s the tightrope you’d have to walk.

Fantasy seems to have a made-for-kids connotation. This doesn’t need to be the case. You might think of Conan the Barbarian. That’s one of MY favorite movies, I love the fantasy elements of that.

This would have to be done by a cold person who feels no guilt about “abandoning humanity”. The obvious obstacle is making something like that “beautiful”. It’s not about abandoning humanity altogether anyway, only its low elements. It’s the ennoblement of the highest elements. This is just “Goebbels’ Drawingboard”, there’s no harm in theorizing about this. The rabble is awful uppity if you ask me, and it would be for the best of everyone for them to be subdued, tamed. How to make them take a seat, that is the question. You want the Return of Kings? No existing religion is going to do that, only art can do that.

If we look at prominent conflicts of relatively recent times, it seems clear that Voltaire, Scott, and Wagner are important artists to learn from. This is the hidden force behind the revolutionary energy. Sorry, would you call France’s guillotining of its corrupt nobility a “holocaust”? I’d call it a revolution. Darkly hinting, yes I am. Imagine if the corrupt nobility survived to take its revenge? Not a soul observes that today.

From the initial glance at a few of these franchises in question- Luke Skywalker, a farmboy. Harry “Potter”, the name says it all. Frodo the hobbit. I think Harry Potter is the favorite of my generation, people just hate to admit it. The point here though is that it will be tricky to create a relatable character that ultimately justifies aristocracy. With the idea of master wizard, Jedi, you see this can be done.

Note that these fantasies are not predominantly “funny”. They do have intermittent humor however. People are more drawn toward the serious. “Fantasy isn’t serious by its very nature.” That’s exactly the illusion art can create. Seriousness without seriousness, that’s how important messages can be conveyed.

What would the Odyssey be without fantasy? That’s one of the more glaring signs of the importance of this genre.

How one study of it begins- there’s dangerous potential to this

Fantasy enables us to enter worlds of infinite possibility.

I think one thing it does is it opens people up to believing in miracles. Or as Eliade called them, hierophanies, the emergence of the divine within the ordinary.

Political uses of this

a fiction that elicits wonder through elements of the supernatural or impossible. It consciously breaks free from mundane reality.

The US breaks in half. On one side a Gynocracy is implemented, the ladies finally get what they want with a female autocrat. On the other side…

People need this experience of “wonder”- that will lead to it actually happening!

“How many days now have you plotted how to start a civil war?” Don’t question my hobbies. It could possibly be bloodless if we “plot” enough.

The female autocrat, overwhelmed with passion, crawls on her hands and knees across the border, to reunify the US under the rule of a male king who was once an internet shitposter.

Nah, a theme of romance probably wouldn’t hurt though. I know of zero art that involves patchwork. I think that could drive people crazy, really get them “scheming”, wondering “what if”. It’s an optimal time given that even the left despises Biden, lowkey. How many more election-cycles of that do you want? A good president would divide the country in half. If not sixths.

Another day of sketching a blueprint for a monster of salvation.

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