I type this thinker into z-library expecting not to see anything interesting, and then–

Ah very good, my favorite Jew is mentioned over 100 times in it.

liberalism left Jews existentially moribund, alienated from both German and Jewish identity.

Instead of one of these, two of the most advanced cultures of the civilization-continent, we have THIS. You know what I mean by “this”.

I only wish that literal rabbis were in charge, instead of these secular ones. I’m in a “blame Spinoza for Everything” kind of mood at the moment, how about you?

This spirit is absolutely dead today

Strauss recounts how after giving a lecture explaining God as a postulate of reason, Cohen was confronted by an Orthodox Jew who asked him, “and what has become of the Bore Olam (Creator of the World)?” to which Cohen had no response, but to weep.

This explains the fascination with fantasy. That provides (probably in a cheapened form) the wonder and mystery of the supernatural that religion used to provide.

It’s more precisely an atheistic Jew that is the main problem of today. It used to be both a materialistic AND theological religion- now it’s just pure materialism.

Thinking about the thing from yesterday about Berkeley’s idea of evil, there’s a paradox where God can only be present when he’s distant. He’s present to you AS distant. With materialism the human and the divine are collapsed into one. If God is not present to you as distant then you have no ideal above you, you’re only a human animal. Only the mere human is present to you.

People would stop being subhuman if they could make the distant present to them. I hate them because they hate God. If only they weren’t so callous that they’d CRY when they realized that.

We need this kind of Jew today. Moldbug was like this

The connection is particularly instructive as both Maimonides and Spinoza wrote major theological-political treatises and espoused forms of enlightenment different than Mendelssohn.

It’s about steering the state-religion in a healthier direction without catching too much flak. Most I see steer it in an unhealthier direction. The purity spiral is real, it’s only lefter and lefter and lefter. Not like I’m one to talk- it’s a matter of irritating the mob just enough so they don’t retaliate and want to kill you. Most people don’t irritate them at all, it’s constant flattery. They control you, the irrational ignorant control you. “Yeah you aren’t one to talk, shut up!” I’m not one to talk to THEM. I never have intended to talk to them, I only intend to talk to those in-between. They show up uninvited and I tell them to go away and only return when they’re not acting like some shifty criminal street urchin. I just see them as Oliver Twists that haplessly joined a gang of pickpockets, who steal from the coffers of white spirit. White people put in a lot of effort to escape the jungle yknow? The left is an organized thievery movement. When it beautifies the subhumans that’s what it’s doing. It’s not lobotomy plain and simple. Crucially, it’s secretive lobotomy. This is stealing the efforts of generations to leave the wilderness. “Muh buh-na-na!” When the result is a being that is inferior to a chink, that is stealing. At least make it crystal clear they’ll be inferior to a chink in the next life. “Equals!” they squeal. No, they’ll be unequal to chinks. Cleanse the streets of these urchins.

It never ceases to amaze me how well old religious times map directly onto the present. Propaganda is a form of manipulation

once irrational faith is made the basis of belief, the only way to get others to accept one’s faith is through manipulation.

Studying someone from the 1700s, and synchronicities everywhere.

Try it, if you dare venture to a time prior to the mid 20th century. Talk about superstitious.

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