Another one, for collectors

If yer intrissted, I repeat that this Parens one is the most explicit I know of.

The problem with scholarship is it’s all self-referencing, and you need an outside guide in order to understand them. Otherwise you have to be a lucky person who says the right thing to get a professor to talk and give you hints about how to read them all. To someone who doesn’t have an outside guide they’re innocent books. None of them are going to be citing that Heisman one for instance. He’s a type of outside guide. They consciously stay away from anyone like that, because if the public knew the “code” they speak in that would give up the whole game and they’d probably be hunted. I don’t care what happens to them, honestly. Most of them are pre-internet people. They don’t understand that boundaries can be pushed further on here. “You don’t care what happens to us?” No, I really don’t. I only read these people because that’s the best there is, not because I particularly like them. It’s just desperation amidst a stultifying atmosphere of persecution that draws me to them. I feel like people must be messed up in the head or something from not having any humor in their life. Early I was laughing from the simple spotting of some anon with a fake last name of “Goy”. They keep it under such strict control that something as stupid as that makes me laugh, because it’s so rare. Yes, I am John Goy, nice to meet you. Everyone might as well be a GENERIC citizen named that. No, it’s not all da jooze to me, I showed you that there is a Saxon background to the state-religion as well, and you can’t question that either. At the same time, the Saxons are like the French or the Italians in that you can make jokes about them in various sorts of ways. Only one subspecies is beyond reproach, and that’s why I like to talk about them so much.

I have to tell you, I’m not going to be here forever. The explicit understanding of the theological-political is going to dim back to how they like it in the scholarship. Nothing good in my life from writing about it. Only bad in fact. Why do you think I would be forever with those conditions? Humanity wants it to be dim. The historiography in place is like nutrients for the majority. If they don’t get those they starve and begin acting the way a starving animal does. That’s just the material reality. They like to look back on history and see sunshine, they don’t like to be humbled by what they find there. It’s existential- they FEEL their self-esteem fading away when they learn the real facts of history. It wasn’t good prevailing over evil every step of the way. The evil ones often prevailed, and they’re the ones in many cases who are alive today. It’s their very SELF that’s in question when Lincoln is scrutinized, or when the civil rights movement he led to is made light of. I just see it as a type of celebrated patricide, really. The children are in control, they killed their parents. That’s what aristocrats were. While I’m not sure if I’d call that process “evil”, it’s certainly having negative consequences for the children themselves. I don’t know, what can kids do with the food left in the fridge? Probably not make that great of a meal out of it. I’m sure they’ll survive though. What quality of education can one expect from a 14 year old teaching a 12 year old? We are there. More precisely, YOU are there, I’M not with you. I condemn this Children’s Movement at its very roots. “He’s exaggerating!” No, sorry to tell you, children who are recognized as adults is mostly what I see. Spend any time reading books from the 19th century and this is obvious. That was the last gasp of any higher authority it seems. WW2 was child vs. child. National “socialist”? Who wants to have THAT in their name? It’s always stooping oneself for the lowest common denominator now instead of being strict and demanding that the child matures. Being able to talk about the theological-political without need for any hinting, that would be maturity. And most have to live in denial that it exists at all. Prove that you’re not in denial, go ahead, I bet you can’t. At best, people will consciously give the illusion to others that it’s an infallibly good person who operates from within such a horizon. If it were such a flawless thing you’d be able to talk about it, so what gives? What’s your excuse? Besides that you’re a child who can’t be expected to behave like an adult?

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