Kiddo, this is a place for adults. If you feel accused when the notion of “subhuman” is brought up this isn’t a place for you. Scurry off now.

Feds will read this post before you do. They’re pussies. They can’t even challenge their boss whether they disagree or not. They’re just servants. Poor fed, with a pussy between his legs. What happened to the fed mystique? All you can do is support merchants in their ideological projects? You don’t have dignity, you’re a total pussy. You ever admit that to yourself? Of course you haven’t. You all just use brainwash so no one knows that about you. Look at the vagina. What a bitch, I hope your vacations are worth it.

“They are!” Yeah what do you do, bring kids to a beach, kids who will act like jungle niggers with the education system you help secure? You’re a bitch in a suit. The covert agencies were supposed to be something nobler than you originally. What happened? You must not be able to answer that without losing your job. Don’t worry, most of the rest of humanity is like you too. In the original meaning, the “fed” was supposed to constitute the nobility of culture. You go beyond the law to preserve the real Law. I don’t see that with the ones of today. You’re just kike henchmen. “I’ll explain why I am with a PDF.” And where is that? There’s no intellectual justification for the present order. Only the various subhumans voicing how they don’t want to be interpreted as what they are. That’s good for you, thanks for telling me, you’re a sore, sour beast who deserved to be born without much rational faculty. Remember, the feds read this before you do and then deploy an army of bots so you never question them. Right… whites are already niggers for the most part and they should be any more like slaves and turn black, sounds like a great idea, let me think about that. Our feds aren’t a nobility, they’re there for the typical creaturely reason that it gives them money and status. How do they deserve any status if that’s the goal they bring about? Our caste-system needs to be re-configured. Merchant-kikes at the top, ugh.. why? “Chosen!!” Yeah, by yourselves. I don’t buy it. Your political order systematically makes people degraded and with such a moronic conversation I for one have no desire to listen. In my opinion the covert agencies are laden with Soviet-types. As much as Trump was a boomer he still upheld the veiled symbols of aristocracy. A blonde daughter sounds good to me, for instance. That’s evil in the mind of the socialist because it’s not equal. Supermodel wife, alright, I’m listening. Challenging the Jew, I mean, the media. Only nobility would honor those things. They want you to have an ugly monkey daughter and wife and never question them. Wow feds, you seem like you have good instincts. When can I get my monkey daughter and ugly monkey wife and submit to the establishment like a bitch? Can you teach me how? I bet you can, fed, whether you’re of the state or freelance. Such a good life I can expect with your plan!

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