Might as well take a look at the middle east since no one else does

It’s the real deal going on over there. They’re actually fighting the enemy. You take my advice you dune coons? Let me live in your country even if I insult you!

Look at this, they cannibalize each other

When I see pictures of bombs going off in the middle east I see the War of the Mind still happening somewhere in the world. That war is over in the west. The west lost. The mind is controlled now. Also, Jews don’t only just circumcise you, they cut your balls off too. Some of these middle eastern countries are the only ones left in the world with balls. Not passing any judgment here, that’s just the reality. Talk about sex changes, that’s what the west was given. Prove me wrong and speak up against your masters. Bet you can’t even say anything in a high-pitched bitch squeal. The war is lost, and most of the eunuchs actively fight for the kikes!

The Iranians for one still have integrity and don’t believe anything they’re told to believe. They actually have beliefs. What people in the west have is a receptive placeholder where anything can go. There is a nothingness in their brain that waits for substance to be given to it. Anyone more or less salvageable needed Trump’s presence to believe anything contrary to the establishment. The moment Biden was sworn in they immediately went back to being basic prog bitches with no dignity. Jews own your soul, they own your life, they teabag your eyes and shit down your throat and you honor them as a Chef Emeril.

Iranians devote a hefty portion of their budget to explosives that make Jewish bodies disintegrate, what are you doing? It’s the incarnation of Satan in the world and you just do whatever he tells you to do.

At the same time there’s a sense in which it’s humiliating to be a Jew. Imagine being a “protected group” side by side with African savages and female hysterics. How could you have any feeling of self-worth if everyone feels so bad for you that it’s illegal to make negative remarks about you? Just born burdens in the world, must make them feel real chipper.

All this might as well be a blindspot in the world

So many frauds in the US that try to give people the impression that they’re opposed to the powers that be. Some of these countries actually are. They’re not con-artists like all you miserable excuses.

Earlier I was thinking of something funny. Black Lives Matter. Yes, their lives ARE matter, i.e. opposed to spirit. Get it? Black Lives Matter. Objects and nothing else. This is the movement people subscribe to in order to feel like rebels. Matter is never going to matter. All you can do is create an illusion that it does. Until you figure that out, enjoy all the single moms and their petulant expressions and worthless turd kids. Not creating the illusion that matter matters might as well be another holocaust!

I know it’s a controversial thing to say- I think middle easterners who openly spit upon the kike MATTER. That’s an example of real spirit. The west, in being defeated, might as well be matter, and thus doesn’t matter.

People have this fantasy of the 50s where they’re watering their lawn and a rolled up newspaper smacks their door. That’s an empty life if you’re a slave. How could you possibly be happy like that? I can’t imagine.

Look at the kinds of books they write over there, from a casual googling of Farsi

All these frauds we have here who detail the history of the CIA as if they’re saying anything controversial at all. Everyone here is a castrated fed, I’m so sick of it. You are Agent Smith, your life doesn’t matter.

Just aimless ranting is all I care to do because I KNOW I’m living in the Planet of the Apes. The middle east is where humans are still fighting the war. Pretty much 100% of English-speakers are so pathetic they probably pay as much attention to us as we do to them.

Here’s another easy find from the Farsinet that is 10,000x superior to almost everything you see in English

Non-Jews are second-class beings who can be exploited or even killed… the Jews are deprived of moral values ​​and have no purpose in life other than exploiting others and collecting property in any way, even in immoral ways… It is unfortunate that human society in the 21st century still has to endure such a criminal ideology that has transformed religion.

Most of us were born into a smoldering ruin of a society. This idea of the US being different for allowing people to not inherit the status as slaves of their ancestors is false. No, we all inherited that, especially if you’re white. Even an immigrant from Zimbabwe is a slave here. All the white slaves even pray for my death because they prefer to be ignorant slaves! That’s how pathetic they truly are. They want the theological-political to be out of view so they can be happy with their humble lot. I’m not going to pretend there’s “humanity” with this type of person.

Seems impossible to find information like this

No more Lincoln, no more gas chambers, no more uppity shrews, no more white male sell-outs who support their imbecile cause… even for only a few years. Sounds like a paradise.

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