This is what you shrews want

You don’t know how many books I download and instantly scrap every day because they’re so typical like this. I have to resort to Bloom, look at the kind of thing you find in one of his studies

“You’ll never tame me!”

Why, I’d like you better that way.

Reminds me of something I saw the other day

One of the oldest books of the west says this.

Hmm no evil person to tend my years, what a loss that sounds like.

Bloom is so funny because he barely hides his misogyny. And then when he makes concessions to the feminists taking over the literature departments you can tell he’s being tongue-and-cheek about it. For instance he goes on and on about how the writer of the Old Testament was a woman. You know he’s just screwing with all of them. It’s an inside-joke between us chauvinists.

In this collection of essays of his he only includes ONE from the 21st century on this play. Roger’s such a bad guy. The best writer in the English language, you really have grounds to question him huh? “Little Missy” here.

It’s like a time-capsule the way he does this. Essays from each century, to avoid the modern decline in taste.

How about I pay you to be tame? That make your ears perk up? Sad. “I I’m not a prostitute” they stutter.

A nice tamed shrew who swallows and lies about how much she likes the taste. Just what the doctor ordered if you ask me.

Ah this is so true, even about internet libraries. They try to keep us imprisoned in the last half century or so, preferably in the very year we find ourselves in

Older criticism is too often buried in out-of-print books on forgotten shelves of libraries or in defunct periodicals.

I saw what seemed like a perfect book on Finnegans Wake, race, and British colonialism earlier and it turned out to be pure boilerplate. Yeah, Joyce was a man who believed all the dogmas of 2021, how foolish of me to expect otherwise.

Probably a good attitude for performances of any of his plays

This reminds me, I should look for a study on the presence of the Normans in Roger

He argues that she should treat him better, claiming he is a descendent of William the Conqueror

Over 500 years later and this was still a theme in England, strange that. 150 years after this play was the English Civil War.

Women just put the ol horseshoe in the boxing glove these days

When he calls himself a gentleman, Kate says she’ll put him to the test, and she slaps him.

Sick of being the carnival fool of this doomed shrew country.

This play was written in the days when the father decides who a woman marries. You can probably expect my opinion about that.

You have to be a vulnerable person to talk about these things, that’s why no one does.

Of course the many women of today who were born after the hippie era had sluts for mothers and no dad in the picture to decide a husband for them, so it’s an endless cycle, an endless repetition of the hippie disaster.

When will my hate-readers admit they love me? Any day now? Right…? Right…?

I really wonder what the point of life is for people these days. It seems like many get most of their “meaning” from being a loyal servant to the prevailing public opinion. That really makes you happy? Tell me, what is the point of your existence?

Don’t you wish this was you, boys?

When Petruchio drank the wine, he drank it like a crude sailor. Also, he kissed Kate with such a great intensity as to embarrass all in attendance.

You’re going to need wine if you’re kissing a politically correct woman.

Hmm I’m liking this theme

prod her to realize that such wild conduct, reminiscent of some of her own horrid behavior, is truly unacceptable.

I can’t imagine a rebirth like this, a true “fantasy”

her earlier shrewish self

They will not be talking this way in any Roger class today. “You go girl!” Look what you make me do, resort to thoughts about BDSM, you think I’m happy about that? This is my message to you brainless feminists.

“I’ll be respected!” Clearly you’re not getting that from me, I’ll wither away into nothing before that happens, and you’ll probably wilt into a crone before my eyes too. I think of those superstitious babushkas from old Russia, how irrational they are, and how women today are just younger versions of that who think they should be recognized as people capable of objective reasoning.

This is so true

Kate is actually being saved by his taking her away

Save them from the modern beliefs ruining their hearts and souls.

They just want to bounce up and down on your face with their crotch and break your nose, these ones. It’s all based in a mythical understanding of history too. Their centuries of oppression is totally fabricated. Similar with telling Jews about their sex-trafficking in the Pale, that doesn’t stop them from continuing to believe they’re victims. Boooooohooooooo.

This is a twist

Curtis responds that Petruchio is more of a shrew than Kate

Even a glance at a summary of a classic you find is filled with such timelessness. You are the real shrew though, so shut up. I haven’t even gotten to the 17th century interpretation yet.

“That’s ME, I’M the shrew!” You’re proud of that? You have way too much confidence in your own abilities, sorry to inform the feminist movement in general of that.

Does anyone else do this? Sometimes I feel like the only one. At least I try

intent on his goal of making Kate less shrewish

Their instincts are so corrupted from decades of propaganda it’s pretty futile, so what can you do.

The reality is that the political order has already tamed them in its own way. Paradoxically it’s tamed them into being shrews. You choose between what kind of domestication you want. Hating those with better discernment than you isn’t the one I’d choose personally, you do you though.

“Are you really making an extensive post about how much you hate women?” I love what’s best in them, that’s why I say the things I do.

This is supposed to be a funny play, and this is just sad. I’m not even going to get into the 17th century interpretation of this

Kate kisses him. She calls him “love,” he calls her “sweet Kate,”

When you fight the evils of the world people hate you when they realize they’re part of that evil. That’s the futility of me writing here.

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