Still on a kick with this jewel of the desert

various agents and representatives abroad, are seeking to contain the effect of the Islamic Revolution within the boundaries of Iran

This is from a set of lectures given the year of the revolution, 1979. Not many years ago, right? Out of all the revolutions you can think of they want people thinking of this one the very least. There’s a reason the US regards them as the most evil empire.

Usually when you think of “revolution” it’s something atheistic. This one was explicitly theocratic. I’m not a cynic, I see theology as philosophy for the everyperson. You don’t have to be a galaxybrain to understand it, and that’s great. Am I a Muhammaden? No. This is another case where the form rather than the content is something I find inspiring. Let’s give Islam a trial-run for a few years, I bet the west would be better off, honestly. Anything could be better than pure materialism.

Initial question I think of- who to trust on the nature of this revolution, Iran itself, the middle east in general, an English book, i.e. the west, or a third party?

Something about this title just caught my interest

Because we might be able to create our own roots that could lead to our own. That’s what I intend to do when I promote Voltaire, Scott, Wagner, etc. Who actually could help us create a foundation that would allow for a revolution to take place? It doesn’t happen out of thin air.

This goes back farther than I thought

I’ve made quite a few posts now on how people in the west are “weird” about Iran, and it isn’t easy to get them to think clearly about it. You’ll much sooner find a Russia stan or China stan than an Iran stan. This is I think because of a unique mixture of its familiarity and alienness. Even if you’re not a Christian your first nature is to not like Muslims. Russia is Christian, China is secular, both of those are relatable to us. I happen to admire Iran’s perseverance in ZOGworld, and their religion seems to be the heart of it, so I don’t really have that bias to hate them.

While the Russians and Chinese in their revolutions negated their pasts, the Iranians continued their heritage with theirs. Negating the past, who else does that remind us of? Oh yeah, the US. In other words, they do everything possible to remove any potential conditions that could lead to the kind of traditionalist revolution Iran had.

Look at this for instance

the first Imam is doubtless the most important figure in the religious consciousness of the Shi’a. The fact that he met his death in battle, that he attained martyrdom, is seen by the Shi’a not simply as a fact of history; it is seen as a fact of profound and continuing spiritual significance.

We have our martyrs too. They’ve simply been erased from our consciousness. Ours weren’t warriors either, that’s another problem we have. I’m thinking of Jesus and Socrates. It’s possible we can bring back Achilles. In this schoolmarm atmosphere? I doubt that’s going to happen. Just showing you the roots of Iran’s revolution, maybe we can learn from it in some way.

This is the meaning of one of the slogans that was constantly raised during the time

Every day of his life is a day of battle in which he should seek either triumph or martyrdom.

I actually think Jesus could be used for this. The Jesus we know is mostly a prog distortion. If people started believing martyring themselves was the price to pay to fight evil, then we could possibly have a revolution.

I talk about the fantasy genre. This “martyrdom genre” was the most popular one in the west for centuries! What happened to it? People don’t sacrifice themselves for diddly squat these days.

Look at this. How could you do this to yourself?

the refusal to bow before the existing political authority in the name of public order

You have one life and you never stand up once. An eternal bow.

Keep thinking of cross-eyed suicide-bombers whenever you think of the middle east though, like a dupe.

Apparently there’s no parallel in the Islamic world to this

it might be more appropriate to write the Iranian history of the past four or five centuries not so much in terms of dynasties as in terms of the development of the class of the Iranian ulama.

These are the priests, the guardians of the knowledge regarding the spirit of martyrdom.

Again, all of OUR “priests” are bought and sold. This is the roots of their revolution- actually having those. Wow, sounds like a bunch of traitors in our midst if you ask me. A bunch of frauds who need their heads sawed off.

That’s right, “the people” don’t organically feel the spirit of martyrdom, they depend on reliable authorities, which WE don’t have. All sell-outs.

Anyway, this is inherent to Shi’a political theory

the dubious legitimacy of monarchy and existing government

They always have Muhammad’s rightful successor in mind. Do we have something like that at all? I’d say that the US was founded on the intolerance for tyranny. So again, it’s another case of being severed from our traditions because of a corrupt priest-caste. We have the right traditional religion and political theory, it’s just deliberately misinterpreted to prevent an uprising from happening.

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