I’m not sure if I’ve gone too far beyond the pale of ordinary perception at this point for you to trust my judgment, this just seems to be the ideal place to put a seastead if you were a serious person and a warlord

If you want to speak of the “TOS”, I’m willing to accept Islam if they have fought the menace with such tenacity over the centuries. This isn’t something many will be able to accept. Most operate from a philosophical christian framework. I believe more truth is possible from a philosophical muslim framework. The “Jew enemy” is perfectly formalized with them. Tell me how christians have a better strategy. While I will not accept Islam uncritically I will, like Alfarabi, acknowledge its supremacy over Christianity. You’re all castrated slaves and never admit it, what other conclusion could I draw? (They continue to not admit it.)

It isn’t easy for me to be a traitor in this sense. I just try to be a scientific person as much as I’m able to. The middle east isn’t zogged, the west is. Your religion is bullshit.

Go ahead and cry some kind of apology for your masters. How sad it is to watch!

I always dream of an island where I can be free. And somewhere near Persia doesn’t sound bad, looking at other parts of the world. People near me see Jews as people who should be killed. I’m not a traitor, this is what a real Christian would want in my opinion. Someone who knows rhetoric should try to talk to them about this, I think we see eye to eye more than is usually thought. “You live under Islamic rule now!” Alright, that’s better than kike rule.

“How dare you!” Women and atheists have no agency. They wouldn’t understand a theocracy. And the rest of the slaves wouldn’t understand one that isn’t Jewish. Again, living on an island is just a fantasy of mine, and when I think of a prime location, near the ones who shoot missiles at the worst people in the world sounds appealing to me.

Am I wrong? I don’t think so. Keep living in gentle christian society with all the castrated slaves instead.

“We’re not going to let you build an island in our Gulf!” You raghead, you don’t understand the half of what I know. I’d only help you for being an enemy of an enemy, I promise you. Lots of reforms in a non-jewish, non-western direction I can see are possible. I just want a place to mind my own business though and you have an honorable country and religion, I will be perhaps the first person of the west to thoroughly admit.

“We don’t need any help fighting the Jew.” Yeah, you do. The strengths of your religion also have a weakness, you’re not very scientifically minded. I can see multiple ways you can achieve “progress” in an Islamic direction. You need to understand Alfarabi.

“We’re not going to have an Alfarabi patch in the Persian Gulf.” That’s your loss you dune coon. Only someone who didn’t understand him wouldn’t want that.

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