“Just go to sleep, don’t add anything toxic. I hate how with the internet you’re like my brother.”

My little sister thinks she understands anything about the world, that makes me laugh.

Your main purpose in life is as an intermediary. Nice swollen round belly with something worthwhile in there. If it’s an imbecile then you failed at life.

How respectable you suddenly are if you carry a genius in you that can help humanity. If it’s some muddling how pitiful you are, that’s just a burden like you that holds us back.

“You’re not my brother, shut up.” A round belly full of mud is so meaningful.. One with a potential great person is actually the most beautiful you can get as a woman. Just what I think about the intersection of aesthetics and eugenics. Genius-carriers.. so hot. A woman’s main achievement in life. Or her main failure if it’s a braindead ape. Mm round belly that didn’t care about the defunct state-religion at all. Everyone knows that’s the right thing.

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