PRE-stone age, what

There “used to be” debate about who were the earliest humans alive.

The left will just never shut up about “save the children, save the children!” Okay, they’re maternal, I can’t really say they’re totally misguided for that reason. The Revelation of Unity occurred some century and a half ago and now they’re focusing on parenting humanity in general. So I’m just interested to know, who are the youngest children?

The Selk’nam is one of the contenders

“WTF is that!” I know, right? Something scary about this. As of 1974, they’re extinct. There are still a few halfbloods around though. They lived in Patagonia, a swim away from Antarctica. It’s believed they’re related to the Australian Aboriginals rather than the Native Americans.

Is it un-PC to say there’s something “creepy” about this?

I wouldn’t want to find myself alone in the wilderness with these people…

Do you want to play a game with them?

Maybe they’re not too different from you and me

Many of the men were 6’0″ tall so the ladies might have liked them.

The globalists see nationalists as primitives like this. Don’t you get the urge when you see those haunting pictures to teach them to give up their old traditions?

Selk’nam named their land Karokynka by fusing together the particulars kar (extreme/very), huhin (earth/territory) and ka (ours/mine)

Don’t globalists just do that with the, uh, globe?

Someone learned their language and recorded their beliefs. What a primitive myth of theirs

All of a sudden leftists are probably feeling like imposing their values on them. Bigot!

Most had murdered by the age of 30. You don’t really hear that side of primitive life from prog accounts.

I’ll battle you shrews to the end

Most of the material I’ve found on this tribe is distinctly “estrogenic”, there’s no other way to put it. I was surprised to see the thing about murder for that reason. A very sensitive, caring approach to their culture. That’s fine and dandy, let’s just not lapse into relativism.

You can’t tell me we’ve evolved beyond this

He had defeated his wife when he and the men attacked the great hut where the women were preparing to perform the Hain ceremony to humiliate the men and prove, once again, with the scenes of the women, disguised as different “spirits”, that the powers of the universe were their allies 

One thing I have to note is that if we didn’t live in a Gynocracy the Judocracy wouldn’t be a problem, because we’d simply kill the Jews. Both of these forces are all-powerful in our time.

What the hell is this about

They were soon shocked to see one of the young women painting herself as the Matan “spirit.” At that moment they realized that all the spirits were only women in disguise. When they discovered the truth, one of the spies whistled to alert the other men waiting outside.

Equal in disguise… Chosen People in disguise… Not foolin me.

I always think back to early high school when I was still naive and thought women were equal if not superior to me. All the pretty ones were in AP classes and went above and beyond on projects. I still them today as adults. A bunch of teacher’s pets that follow all the rules. Good job, clownworld gave you an A+.

Those Selk’nam women must have brainwashed the men on some level it seems. That’s how they maintained dominance, pretending to be spirits? Those are some bizarre conspirators.

women had held them in such servitude through hoax of the Hain ceremony

The men weren’t allowed to enter the hut. The women pretended there was a Xalpen, a terrible spirit, in there that had to be offered llama sacrifices otherwise men would be sacrificed. It was a malicious, cannibalistic spirit.

Starting to understand these things now? After peeking into the hut and finding them out they took over the ceremony and started to act like the spirits themselves instead.

Taming the shrew…

Its almost like men and women are different races or something.

Apparently some of the halfbreeds left from this tribe live in Chile and continue their tradition in some form. Better go liberate them!

This is a weird form of esotericism

men had been initiated in the Hain hut where the “secret” was revealed to them, that the Hain spirits were only men disguised to deceive the women.

So women saw those haunting things I posted above and thought they were real spirits, and the men kept it secret from them that they were only costumes.

Who knows, maybe this says something about the division of labor. Women tricked the men into doing all the hunting originally? The spirit will eat YOU instead! Women be plotting. While the men are away hunting what else do they do. They’re just sitting there waiting, and talking about how better to control them?

After the men discovered the secret

they were deprived of the use of language, so their memory was lost to them forever-after (all the women except Moon). The Xalpen “spirit” then served her former victims, the men.

So they didn’t even teach them to talk maybe? They just scared the crap out of them with those costumes and made them do whatever they want?

The women would sob with fear

Inside the Hain hut the men were busy with the sound effects; screaming, beating the ground with rolled-up guanaco skins, and shaking the posts of the hut to simulate the trembling earth.

Besides this they could only see the ones in those costumes from a distance.

Recently in the west our version of this was heaven and hell. What do we have now? Pure chaos in society? Even if heaven and hell aren’t real, even if those spirits are only people in costumes, morality is still real. Our culture is in a phase where it doesn’t understand that.

It seems the Selk’nam mythos revolved around cannibals as evil. The old gynocracy seems to have represented cannibalism in part. That’s what those costumes were about, avoiding the lapse back into cannibalism. So these couldn’t be the “youngest” humans if they were that advanced.

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