For another one of the candidates early anthropologists speculated were the youngest humans I’m going to ask the Sinonet because I’m seeing too much beautification initially in English

Aboriginal people accounted for about 3% of Australia’s total population, but the percentage of Aboriginal people in prisons is still as high as 28%.

The Land Down Under is another one of those “mirror worlds” or alternate dimensions we can understand the US through

According to British media reports, even in 1958, the aborigines of Western Australia were still tied up by chains.

When you see extreme, pathological levels of leftism know that it is a backlash against this sort of very recent phenomenon. It’s the old mindset they’re reacting to. Animals fit to be in chains. “We’ll show you! They’re more human than anyone!” The dark secret is that the left agrees with that old mindset, and that’s why they push for miscegenation.

The Chinese are a lot more forward than us

I learn so much from the Sinonet that they keep hidden. Apparently most aboriginals aren’t even aboriginals, they’re mixed with whites

It’s claimed there are only 700 aboriginals remaining. The alleged amount is 800,000. So the mixed ones must get the rights of the full ones.

Why you can’t expect objectivity from the Chinese either


Whites are paying the price for doing this.

The Sinonet is amazing. I learn that the aboriginal genome was sequenced only ten years ago.

all ethnic groups outside of Africa originated from about 72,000 years ago. 

The aboriginals left 50,000 years ago.

You’re losing 72,000 years of history, don’t worry about it, white folks.

I think what’s significant here is the question of a pioneering spirit. People in Africa stayed there and stayed the same. It’s similar with what I speculated about the European north- people who hated their society kept moving further into the cold.

Why don’t I EVER see this kind of thing in English?

42,000 years ago, Europe and East Asia separated

So these Chinese are helping us understand this now. And we used to be the same as the Chinese. We certainly have diverged, haven’t we.

Even further in the last 2,300 years. Thanks Aristotle

Progs can relate to this abbo

An Aboriginal colleague recalls: “When I started at university you would say ‘anthropologist’ and spit on the ground in disgust. But no one explained what anthropology actually was.”

This is a contender for the first human, and what do you know about them, besides the boomerang?

Here you go if you want to find some obscure names

This tends to still be present in an English disguise

Henry Landor, however, dismissed Aboriginal languages as “a combination of snapping, squeaking, whining, grunting sounds”.

(Not like white plebs are much better.)

Apparently William Suttor was the only one to learn their language in the first few decades after Australia began to be settled. There aren’t many continents on earth, and this is the people of one of them.

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