That Todorov is brought up at the outset, and this is a recent study. I’ve seen a few clues that he’s “the guy” of fantasy. And that isn’t of slight significance given the popularity of the genre. I’m surprised I’m the only one who talks about this. People only consoom fantasy, rather than understand what it is.

The study in question is on what is known as postcolonial fiction. While rightists might laugh at me for wanting to know anything about this, what do you think ZOG is, what do you think you are? These people are sadly relatable in my opinion. I wish we were “post”.

Don’t you feel sad that you can relate to this

constructs a near-future Australia with an Aboriginal president.

Similar to my interest in Indian sci-fi, I want to know if they bring their distinctive mythology into it. You think of people like Clarke and Heinlein. I’ve seen it all, most of us have. Just looking for something different. I’m seeing one novel for instance that incorporates ideas about their mysterious Dreamtime. Some have referred to it as the world’s oldest tradition.

There are actually multiple of these fantasy-scifis that involve an aboriginal president. They’re ahead of us. Where’s the reactionary literature like this? People tend to be too lost in current events to think about this stuff.

It’s a pretty awful feeling actually when you “realize who you are” and who that person is pretty much everyone in the west is hostile toward. Yup, it’s the real me, and I’m near-universally hated. And my enemies have hegemonic control. You almost wish you never realized who you truly are.

Relating to aboriginals is not something I was expecting for my day today. Would you interpret this site of mine as “vibrant”. Good diversity, they pretty much killed everyone of my type so might as well keep me in a zoo here.

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