Not surprisingly, lots of interesting-looking studies in French that build on Laruelle’s thought.

This seems to be a real thing

There are untranslated books on non-politics, non-aesthetics, non-sociology, non-mysticism, non-poetry, etc. etc.

This is a funny thing to read

The dialectic is strong with this Frenchman

I haven’t seen this in English. You might remember how he pulls this maneuver with the sciences though. He’s always trying to catch what isn’t reflected in the act of philosophy.

If the reception of Laruelle follows the pattern of his predecessors, this sort of thing will be imported into the English-speaking world in the years on the way. He has the same democratizing tendency as the others, he just puts a twist on it. It’s better than reading Derridean drivel I guess.

Not many people have the powers of synthesis that he has

a method by which art and philosophy are “matrixed” in order to produce an object for theory that cannot be reduced to art or philosophy

“So what’s the method?!” Most of his books aren’t translated, so I don’t know where this is. This has to do with his reinvention of the sci-fi genre I’ve written about previously.

You let me know where to begin with all this

That’s why he puts the “non” in front of it, because he “rewrites” the given subject.

I found “non-aesthetics” when I was looking for reactionary rewritings of his non-philosophy on the French internet. Hoping some frenchie had already done it for me. They probably have somewhere. You’re really living in 2021 in a good way if you find something like that. Just trying to fast-forward us into the future.

Yes, exactly this

This theme again

I showed you before how he tries to ground Christianity using contemporary science. This basic action is probably the only way out of relativism.

Deleuze’s definition of philosophy seems relevant here. That it, the arts, and sciences all together form the Noumenon. A quantum physicist isn’t usually going to be concerned with the idea of grounding ethics. That’s what philosophy is for, reminding them that is one of the ideal tasks they have. Hermes crosses the boundaries between disciplines. Laruelle ups the ante and creates a subdiscipline split-off from philosophy itself.

This scholar says Laruelle’s most sustained treatments of non-aesthetics are in his books on photography

Non-aesthetics is not a thinking “on” art; it is an art of thinking modeled on the immanent thought in art.

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