What is this, day 1000, it must be day 2000 something in some cases. You have to admit there’s a mental illness pervasive in public discourse. A certain perception is not allowed there. Why is that? Why do they need to hide it? You obviously can’t accept something. “We made a PACT to not admit it!” Not me, that happened before I was born. I signed nothing of the sort, and I never will. So what is it, why are you a spiritual fed? I think many tell themselves they only want others to be protected, when the reality is they themselves want to be protected. Imagine if someone like me could say anything they wanted to you and they wouldn’t be banned and they couldn’t be blocked. How would you deal with that? Imagine if you actually had to respond, and in a non ad hominem manner like a sad cheater? I can’t. You’d probably just cry. Am I wrong though in what I say? Do I have to give you more definitions of subhuman beyond the hundreds I’ve already given you? You know what you are, and that’s what you hide. It’s a pact between the pathetic to be quiet about it. All I’m saying is that if you were a fan of the wall idea, you’re merely a hypocrite for not being able to accept the further implications of that concept. I’ve deliberately built a wall around myself to keep almost all of humanity away from me. “And that’s why we’re happy with Sleepy Biden!” they cry. If you use the internet you should have to do a test where if you fail your account has to have a handicap sign on it. An endless cacophony of imbeciles. You know my perception is accurate too, since I’m the only one who, to my knowledge, has thoroughly nuked our political order. You can’t trust anyone who hasn’t done that. They’re all living in the radiated wasteland making excuses why they’re there developing cancers. People don’t like that “genre” I guess. You seem like a fraud. Everyone has people they hate- these ones resemble to me the very ones they hate. Criticize others, you’re just the same as them. That’s the view from off the reservation. Evil people all winking to each other that they know what they’re doing and intend to keep doing it. Almost always, there’s no real “esotericism”- at best they only tell themselves they have secret beliefs in order to feel better about themselves. They’re just one with the system, they’re clowns, through and through. This is sad to me, because when we think of Trump as the latest reactionary figurehead who was too moderate, all we can expect is some sort of establishmentarian. It’s not even an exaggeration. Esotericism nearly never exists! It’s all shills who don’t need secret beliefs. All we can expect with these conditions is some fool authority in disguise. That’s tragic, you should reflect on that. Why is your first-nature so similar to the plastic, leftoid “GOP”? You’re a brainless piece of shit who I would fucking murder. Whoops, the non-plastic was spoken on accident. A revolution or restoration is impossible with these “people”, they’d only perpetuate the same in a diluted form. We need a PURE cleansing that eliminates all the gradations of sell-out that have lowkey made agreements with the leveler order. That’s the only way you can have real change. Otherwise you’re just going to replace one subhuman elite with another that only happens to have a better disguise. Neanderthal euthanasia is the way of light.

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