I don’t know about you, I’m still swept away from learning about those Selk’nam people from earlier today. I regret there is no one who would talk about their culture in any direct way. There seems to be something timeless there.

You can’t even talk about the conflict between men and women today because each side is read through the lens of one or the other. Let’s try to think about it objectively without any alliance to a side. Can you do that? I struggle to, and I at least try.

Think of those terrifying spirits they used

These aren’t even the most disturbing ones.

Do people need fear in order to be good?

The claim of the Enlightenment is no, they don’t. And I really question that.

With the Selk’nam it was only initiates who learned about this method of scare-tactics. What can you infer from that? There’s at least a minority of the population that doesn’t need to be scared into believing something. I.e. to them morality is something that doesn’t need coercion.

I mean, we can ask the further question of whether those people in the costumes were coerced in certain ways. Who coerced the coercer though? There must be a real spirit that did that! That’s where it all leads. A real spirit of cannibalism, a real spirit of morality, that guides the humans, and that isn’t a human itself. From these people we can see the origins of “evil”, and it seems to be involved with cannibalism. This is probably the beginning of universalism or equalism, don’t eat people. If you act like a llama I’ll eat you like a llama. Thus, the problem of good vs. evil isn’t so easy to resolve.

What’s your honest opinion? Do you think people wear costumes like that in our own time?

I, personally, see that as a reality. All it is is a costume, and they try to scare people into accepting their terms of belief and behavior. They have no real grounds for their authority besides lots of people claiming that they’re right (whom they’ve brainwashed). You can dance around all you want in body-paint, you seem like you don’t know what you’re doing.

Most whites have been scared into questioning the “spirit” within the hut that is shaking and demanding sacrifices. There are people in there, people who want to control you through manipulation. Did you fall for their act? Are you one of the old women outside that is weeping in fear?

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