Trying to figure out this mystery

Did they?

I figured that since I saw the aboriginal genome on the Sinonet I’d look for the brahmin one there.

This isn’t just “popsci”, I confirmed it elsewhere on google. Who cares about lightness, why didn’t they talk about what correlates with the brain.

Here is a study on the former though if you want to know about that

By studying the variation of SLC24A5 sequences among a diverse set of individuals, we show that the light skin associated allele in South Asians is identical by descent to that found in Europeans.

People could be getting CRISPR’d right now if they wanted to hide the fact they’re from tropical regions, if only PC were different.

You like the names here?

Only one of them is working in the US.

OCA2 rather than SLC24A5 seems to account for East Asian lightness.

I really don’t care about this. It’s a farce that correlates for creativity aren’t readily googlable.

Another Chinese site with excessive amounts of realism.

I never “imply” anything, I just show you random screenshots

Something I haven’t looked into yet. Roundheads, Cavaliers – Puritans, Normans – Democrats, Republicans.

There are actually like five different “conspiracies” to look into just from that one casual Chinese article.

Plato was an idiot for not writing a dialogue on the good of usury.

So many of you have done this

Foreigners who want to convert to Judaism must pass the test.

A+ for you!

Yeah… I’d bookmark that Chinese site if I were you.

I started this post talking about the Jews of Asia, the brahmins, and who really cares about them? Did THEY falsify all of our history?

Really makes you wonder why there’s such hate for people who want to de-falsify history. What’s in it for them? I understand why the pesky Jew would have an incentive- whites though? You’re just some kind of demon. I really can’t grasp what motivates you in life besides pure bitterness for not being born perfect. Relax, no one’s perfect.

The most evil people in the world have instituted a system of protection that renders them impervious to criticism, and others besides them benefit from that system. That explains their hatred for people who reveal the truth about all this. Believe it or not, the majority of people prefer not to be criticized. The ones aware of the JQ tend to lie to themselves about how Jews are moral exemplars and that the system of protection in place is the best of all possible worlds. The reality is they’re similar to Jews in being bad people who want to make criticism of them impossible. Haha nigger.

Oh man, this He Xin (何新) has lots of articles on them

the unspeakable secret history of the world in the modern West.

Remember Bo Xilai? The contender for emperor of China before Xi threw him in the clink? It was one of He Xin’s books that Bo had reprinted.

فقط زحمت نیست با استفاده از اینترنت انگلیسی برای هر چیزی.

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