The Farsinet on the English Civil War

I thought tracing their influence back to our Revolutionary War was going back too many years!

Solzhenitsyn wrote his 200 Years Together, and I thought Americans couldn’t relate. We seem to have something akin to at least a 400 Years Together.

So we have two models to learn from at this general time in Europe- Cromwell the jewboy and Khmelnytsky the jewkiller.

Signs of a proto-Mossad

A number of crypto-Jews in London supplied Cromwell with “intelligence”

Out of print

Antonio Fernandez Carvajal sounds like a Portuguese name almost?? The first endenizened English Jew. Born about a century after the expulsion, he set up shop in the Canary Islands.

Did you relate at all to those Roundheads when I talked about their general attitude to life? This is some background info on how they prevailed over the King and his Cavaliers. And that led to many of the families of our founders sailing to the New World. And if Ben Franklin is any authority it is these same merchants with odd-sounding names that caused the Revolutionary War. It wasn’t a war with “British Royalty”. Manuel Martinez Dormido was another who provided Cromwell with intelligence agents.

Heh, the same writer who is out of print above

That Chinaman seems to have a point about this

All this reminds me of Heisman talking about how the Normans genetically engineered the Saxons through artificial selection. All these revolutions they either caused directly or had a prominent role in, they happened centuries ago in some cases, and our ancestors have been selectively breeding based on their principles to a significant extent, thus a good portion of the west alive today is genetically leftist. “That’s right, we CREATED you goyim!”

Think about that, they were a major problem in the farthest west AND the farthest east of Europe at this time

And one that escaped to the Canary Islands managed to ingratiate his cursed people to the newly established serf-empire known as England

Gotta hand it to them for recollecting themselves after the expulsions of the 1490s

Regroup and “plot” on faraway islands hmm…

I cant find much material on this Antonio Ferdinando Carvajal

one of the principal grain contractors for Cromwell’s armies

People are only taught about Washington crossing the Delaware

He was to be the founder of the first post-expulsion London Synagogue in 1656.

The bank that Franklin said was the real cause of the Revolutionary War a century or so after this was filled with Portuguese and Spanish-looking names.

THIS never gets old either- “And do you know who owned those boats?”

Details, details.

A subtlety some of you might want to look into

I bet bankers and merchants in England didn’t have a role in any of it, and I bet they were all “English”!

Here someone gathered together fragmented information on that special merchant of Cromwell’s.

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