Here’s something else I’ve heard rumor of, that that Chinaman reminds me of

The Jewish Freemasonry bankers established the Republic of Florence and Venice in the 14th to 15th centuries

This seems true. Iran is merely an annoyance

He traces the Federal Reserve back to the banks of Venice.

If you’re interested in this, Joseph Farrell has a book about it, though he downplays a certain ethnic factor. Thus I’m led to the less squeamish Sinonet.

This He Xin is the greatest living historiographer of China that I’m aware of.

The first bank was established in Venice. This was in 1157 and it’s believed that it arose for reasons related to the Crusades. I have to note that this Chinaman, like many from the MENA region I’ve seen, emphasize a certain ~forgotten influence~ behind the Crusades.

It was 300 years later that financial capital shifted from Italy to places like Spain and the Netherlands.

This scholar is worried that the unbroken line from nearly a millennium ago is closing its grip on China. He usually refers to it as the FRS or the IMF.

He has so many articles, the kind of which you won’t see on the English internet

Remember, my post here began referring to the banks of the 14th and 15th centuries, i.e. the time of the renaissance.

He frequently insults the Chinese academy for merely accepting without question what the west believes about itself

He’s right, we aren’t really taught anything about Constantinople. He claims we even changed its name to a false one, what we call the Byzantine Empire. It lasted 1100 years. The Roman Empire only lasted 500 and we always hear about that one.

This is the name he calls it

The Roman Empire in the East was destroyed by the Fourth Crusade from the West and Venetian bankers and merchants in the 13th century.

He says this crusade was funded by these bankers.

I showed you before that there’s reason to suspect that even the fall of the Roman Empire before it was in part caused by a certain people. Their role in the toppling of the Byzantines is news to me though. This is what we mean when we say history is falsified. The people with access to lots of cash obviously have lots of sway. So much sway they can rewrite history in the present. Does all this happen to make you think differently about those striped pajamas?

If you want to know about more of He Xin’s theories click here. While some of it seems far-fetched, a lot of it seems plausible and devastating to standard western historiography. If the bankers end up taking control of China someone like him won’t exist in the future.

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