I’m still looking for an HTML of the book He Xin published last year. You can see more details than my previous link provided here. Lots of things people in the west wouldn’t want to accept.

Anyway, continuing He Xin’s thread on the Farsinet since I can’t find an HTML

Contrary to popular belief, a careful historical examination reveals that what happened in Italy during the 14th and 15th centuries was first an economic transformation, then a socio-cultural one, and finally a political one. 

You can expect a Muslim to emphasize this

He says this lays the foundation for a new civilization. A new civilization WAS created–modernity–the question is is he right that it was this economic change that led to that.

Man, between the Chinese and the Muslims you can get feeling schizophrenic if you switch back and forth between them too rapidly

the Renaissance emerged with the removal of morality from society

Next he says this culminates in the separation of politics from religion with Machiavelli. You ever expect to see his origins in the implementation of usury? This Muslim claims you can’t understand any subsequent philosophers without understanding this.

All this reminds me- The Merchant of Venice, written 1596.

Is this what caused the beginning of modernity?

Those Italians are at the beginning of the west’s problems as well. Besides Machiavelli, the Medicis

It offered the church loans without demanding “direct” interest. Instead, it sold pricey goods as a form of interest in disguise, the author says. By the same token, if the pope, a cardinal or a bishop deposited money in a Medici bank, they would receive a “gift” that was valued at 8 to 12 percent of the sums.

This shadiness began with Giovanni Medici (1360-1429). You usually hear of his son Cosimo (1389-1464) as being the financier behind the renaissance. Were those sculptures worth it?

The balance sheets of the Medici bank are not extant. They operated it for five generations. And what happened to it?

They over-extended their loans to Edward IV, who lost a fortune in the Wars of the Roses.

Should have had a Talmudist giving them advice.

Well, even if they initiated the dissolution of morality through modernity at least they have something to show for it, right?

Some speculate they put so much money into art in order to absolve themselves of the sin of usury.

All the money that circulates around the world today and what is it used for? What does humanity have to show for it?

This might explain a part of Cromwell’s psychology too

ashamed to exact usury, they receive Jews into their hamlets

This is a foreign notion to us. We’re all guilt-free Jews today.

Look, I only fixate on this because no one else does

When the Medicis fell from power in the 1490s, the Jews were expelled. 

Coincidence? These ones again

In 1537, the Medicis permitted expelled Jews from Spain and Portugal, to settle in Florence

This is a couple decades after Machiavelli wrote his main books.

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