I’m surprised how many recent studies like this there are

If we had anon experts on this it wouldn’t hurt

This one’s from a Singapore press

-Southern accent- We need LAW-yers

God why can’t that be me

The Yooonyin never took this case to trial because they were scared of what might result. True story.

-a pathetic creature looks up from shining a Jew’s shoe-

Yeah right, you probably keep on shining.

I’m going to have to go with that “scream” one since emotions get to the heart of reality in my opinion

We can be their evil villain for a while, who cares. What will they do without us? Mill about mumbling about chauvinists? Wouldn’t they LOVE to not share a country with us anyway?

It’s more of a burden that they’d have, I think that’s part of their secret psychology. They never admit that being a leftist means taking on a burden and they want to distribute the burden equally among whites. That burden isn’t much, just the erasure of your traditions and the drastic lowering of the tone of conversation. The disintegration of family, of the education-system from kindergarten all the way to the PhD, state-imposed atheistic materialism, no I’m not seeing any burden here at all, are you?

Heh “Serbia’s Quest for a New Normal” – can you imagine our leftists having to do that after we’re gone? Doesn’t sound like it would be THAT bad actually. “Yup, the evil villains aren’t here anymore, time to get on with our life living in this totalitarian regime we’re thrilled to death with.”

Another subtlety I can taste- they have anxiety the entire leftist project would disintegrate if that happened. Good obedient little progs would see others not living with that burden and would be tempted to defect to the ~villain~ side. Probably more than you might expect, if they see them thriving. What else would life be like without the ball and chain of the mud world on all of our ankles? Without the Jewish masters’ whips snapping at us. I think “scary secession” would be seen as a paradise, I bet Europeans from all over would want to migrate to such a patch.

Rather than secede I’d rather kill leftist swine at this point, for the way they’ve behaved. Absolutely inhuman. So many lies, sooo many lies. And total hegemony and control of opinion that might as well be at the end of a gun, given that you’re unpersoned and fired for making the most obvious observations. Everyday they indirectly threaten to kill you socially, which might as well be literally in my experience. What’s better, to be a leper or dead? Tough question. And to top it off, you can even mention that they do THIS ITSELF or else that fate will befall you. So in conclusion, I think they all deserve to die. Just because they put on an air of normalcy and present a smiling peaceful face to the public doesn’t mean they’re not evil demons who want total control of your life whether you like it or not. Why wouldn’t I feel “trigger-happy” when I think about that? I want them bleeding out everywhere, I want the street gutters rushing with blood. Values don’t exist with their “order” in place. These are people who openly celebrate vice everywhere, and even teach children their nihilistic doctrines because people tend to be too poor for homeschooling. You don’t have a choice. You essentially live for nothing. Nothing except to watch your child gradually turn into a demon like them. There is no meaning with that. The only meaning is for you to suffer and carry a burden that they never proved you had to in the first place. Who owned those boats? What was going on in that Pale? It’s an infinite debt that you do not owe. We don’t owe the progs their very lives, and yet we can still try to be civilized and formulate an argument for secession. There are plenty of studies out there if you feel called. I do not see one that directly applies its framework to the contemporary US.

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