Everyone always tries to be optimistic and soothe you that “you’re gonna make it, you’re gonna make it”. I don’t think you’re gonna make it. You’re gonna make it with the present order, that’s about it. You’re not gonna make it any real way. “Why would you give up hope in me?” It would take a delusion to see that. You’re people of your time. You’re one with the good and the bad of it. I really have not seen any signs at all that you will ever be anything more than that. You had your chance to escape and you missed it. There’s a gentleness to that life, that’s probably what you’re after. It’s not a sharp image, it’s a fuzzy way of understanding the world, and that’s “cozy”. There WAS a chance there at one time, I just think you missed it. Just speaking to my fellow Americans as usual. The way I look at it, it’s a pre-cultural consciousness that is going to leave you blind to… What do you care? It’s already over for you. You’re not going to make it, you’re only going to make it with all the frauds around you. And that’s probably more than enough for you. Avoiding the dull numbness is not something that’s going to happen for you. At best you have a foot in both worlds, and all signs point to you falling into the pre-cultural. There’s not going to be a Dutch painting in your future. If it feels like one it’s probably not, it’s just an illusion. That’s all the frauds celebrating life together in forgetfulness of braver options they could’ve taken to secure higher awareness of reality. Missed the boat. I’m sure there are plenty around you to soothe you you’re going to make it, and I really doubt it. It’s like a living corpse. All the corpses like to gather together and pretend they’re a Dutch painting. That’s the best you can expect. However you want to define “evil”, that’s the subject in question here. They’re all people who decided to be that to some degree.

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