There are ways of looking at the world I try to show you, and you’ll be perceived as a terrible person for “understanding”. I have no ill-will toward anyone, it just seems realistic to me.

Different kinds of things people have been so conditioned about it’s impossible for them to see them realistically. I just shouldn’t even bother with the one I have in mind now.

I have to note once again for the living anthropologists out there that shamanism seems to be a real practice that only initiates understand. It’s possible that certain people break from the socially-accepted reality when impressionable and from then on they are always thinking about the “Upper World” rather than what humans talk about on earth.

I don’t look at “important historical events” the same as most people. Whenever you interpret many of those there might as well be someone pointing a gun at you. Okay, shoot me then. “We will!” So you settle for the belief someone is aiming a gun at you demands you believe. You’re just the clone of them when you get the urge to kill me.

Believe it or not, I think pretty much everyone is able to clear the drawing-board and look at everything in a fresh way without caring about people pointing guns at them to believe certain things.

You all threaten me, tell me I should die, then I will want to kill you. I didn’t start this. The beginning was me noticing that I was forced to believe such and such and violence was the only “reasoning” provided to convince me. That’s how white niggers operate. No shit I’ll want to shoot you instead. You’re a subhuman, my life matters more than yours. The dirtbrains especially want to kill you when you remind them of this. Why don’t you try for once to talk about the history of your people in an honest way? I’m speaking to women here too. Half the world is a nigger and that’s what women are. I mean, if we’re speaking without any exploitative intent to be laid through flattery. I wonder why you can’t find that? It’s because men also tend to be merely biological beings. Like I already said though, the chances are that you probably missed the boat.

Five stars for you for being able to read the paragraphs above! Now my advice to you is read something that’s 400 pages. I’m not lording that over you, I think you will be a better person if you are able to do that. No attention-span in the modern world. Time to hunt da chipmunk! That’s the hunter-gatherer mindset, always concerned with the simplest. Proles, women, jews, all the rest of the subhumans, are on that plane of thought.

I began this post mentioning something I don’t think people are able to understand. Don’t you wonder what that is? There’s no point in saying it, people are too irrational. So I have to express it in other ways.

“What IS it? Tell me!” You aren’t ready.

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