People know nothing about the Iranian Revolution so I’m going to ask the Indonesians

If only our 70s ended that way.

Remember that our supposed conservatives of the Bush years WANTED to take down Iran, and they settled for Iraq. Our neocons who are leftists in light of the Iranians thought it would be too much of a challenge to take them on. Our overlords really want such control that Bush seems like someone so far right that it’s beyond the pale. No, the war on terror was leftist americans versus rightist middle easterners. I’m never going to apologize for the backwardness of MENA, I only intend to emphasize what I perceive to be their strengths.

The decapitation of kings from centuries ago affects so much. It’s possible to not be affected by that. Iran, perhaps more than anyone in the world, has not let that affect them.

I just figured Indonesians would be a less biased third party to ask

So this is one of the most evil people, a puppet who defected. Iran is kept invisible through Saddam. It was always about Iran. The west couldn’t tolerate its defiance, that it wiped out the left. Bush wasn’t a rightist, he was a hippie in a suit. And if you want to look past the surface, at Bush’s masters, the Protocols seem accurate about how liberalism makes people more easily manipulated. The Iranians aren’t live and let live, love everyone, mannn, that’s why the Hebrews don’t like them. They actually hold them accountable for their kikey behavior.

What the Iranian Revolution demonstrated unequivocally

It is possible to fight the West—the kings/dictators who are friends of the West—and win.

Now how is this different from losing the Vietnam War? The Vietnamese are commies!

How humiliating for the Chinese that they bow to a Judaeo-Western ideology. That’s merely a symptom of their defeat in the Opium War. Their Marxism is the Marxism of a conquered people. I don’t care what rightist elements China has, you sinophiles can’t hide this from me. Your inability to admire Iran is evidence of your leftist inclinations.

Those decapitations of kings from centuries ago is in your marrow, likely.

There’s the human world and the divine world- God was decapitated also. Many in the west are bio-atheists. The thought of the Great Chain of Being makes them feel ill.

If you feel equal to rabble, woman, the various species of bonobo, I feel sorry for you. That’s the main motor of leftism, that sensed equality. You relate to all them? HAHAHA!

With this general subject I can never repeat enough that it’s helpful to juxtapose animism with Islam. In that light, Islam is sort of like a brother to Christianity. That’s why it’s so difficult to look at objectively. They’re an extremely pious people. It’s a fervent reverence for non-equality. You are not Muhammad, you are not Allah. What do we have like that? Nothing. We have an inverted religion where the devil nazis are hated. This is the west’s pious equalism, a sort of reverse-Muhammad.

What weaklings, every single country of the west

Want to hear a down-to-earth way of describing why I don’t relate to any of the clothed animals? I am naturally above gossip. All they do is gossip. That’s all they CAN do. I don’t relate to that because I am not amused or entertained by trivialities. You might think the Iranians are dorks for constantly praising their God, at least they’re not talking about absolutely nothing constantly. That’s what the Great Chain of Being is about- what level of discourse are you on? Most people chatter. It’s the right of nature that a king rules over them. With that, the conditions could be created for them to ascend to a higher state of being.

Look at this, the Ancien Régime still exists somewhere in the world, and you’d never know

This happened in June. Dozens of sites were “seized”.

This is typical

This is a typical interpretation found on the Sinonet

China is just a western satellite-state. Not much in the way of real rebels in the world today. All people who relate to the mindless pleb that can do nothing besides chatter.

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