They had something of a conference on An-sky recently

Can you imagine getting together and talking about his Pale expedition like this? Let’s do it!

Looking for him on the Ukrainian internet I learned that someone named Moisei Beregovsky built on his work. And that there’s someone similar to An-sky named Judah Leib Cahan who did “ethnography” on the Yids of NYC. Yes, I’m interested in this for cladistic reasons.

Much of An-sky wasn’t published until 2018, and that wasn’t in English. Thus the title of this book is apt

If you remember that one pseudonymous gypsy girl I quoted saying that the events of the war drove her people into an even more closely guarded secrecy, I speculate that something similar must have happened with the Yids. So looking at the way they talked before all that happened we might be able to get a glimpse of their secret selves. “I’m not my great-grandma!” The ancient Persians! describe you the same way as you are now, what are you talking about? You’re my little science experiment.

This is real

Calling it neoliberalism or capitalism or the cathedral is obfuscating.

We can take our own expedition

The Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine is the world’s foremost repository of Jewish folk music recorded on Edison wax cylinders.

MENA is probably too low IQ to think about this sort of thing, honestly

Musical data is only 1/8th of the material An-sky collected however.

I feel like I’m the only person in the world who truly cares about politics. Why is our order the way it is? What were these people like? What soul was stamped on us all?

Here are the names of others besides that Rechtman from the other day that An-sky traveled with on his safari

Looking at the core of their being without any disguises

An-sky believed that authentic folk life had been best preserved in this environment.

Not if I can help it

The older generation that lived before the cultural break is leaving this world and taking a thousand-year-old legacy of folk works with it to the grave.

I’m perhaps above all interested in their relation to the goyim, naturally. The Jew seems to be only half a Jew in the sense that so much of who they are is defined by who they’re not. A Jew is an Anti-Goy, these are synonyms. It’s a worldview of hatred and pride. Are you fond of the idea of someone like that at the levers in the control-room of our culture? Even the best ones can’t help themselves- they’re genetically driven to defend immoral minorities. “This is good, ackshually.” It’s an ethnic spirit that erases ethics.

As much as you might want to fight it, the telos of this book has inexorably led me here

This play has to be significant

“The Dybbuk” is the best example of An-sky putting the do’ikayt of his ethnographic work into practice

This is the artistic culmination of his expedition.

Another more obscure explorer

After they all fled to the US they were allowed to “be themselves” with impunity. I suspect that their authentic folk self was allowed to emerge. We don’t have well-adjusted Westjuden here, we have Ostjuden in the disguise of Westjuden. It doesn’t take much to see through the appearances once you know what to look for. In old Germany they were at least forced to behave themselves.

On Döblin

makes it impossible to see the East European Jews as examples to emulate.

Love to find these forgotten explorers. 300 pages with this one, catch you later.

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