Turning up some interesting results through the word “travelogue”- one from 1839

Scots on a mission to convert them.

See, this is how I look at it too, and pretty much everyone decides to live in their world instead

Although somewhat sociological and anthropological in tone, these observances by proselytizing Gentiles, outsiders to our culture, are greatly illuminating. It’s clear that the authors could not help but see the Jews as a sorrowful anachronism of history, justly forsaken by their outmoded God.

This is the earliest account of the Pale I’ve seen.

Nope, forget that, at the end of that link you’ll see a bibliography with an 1825 book in it. That one mentions “monopolies”.

As you know I’ve been looking for materials like this for months, and I’m only today finding this old old stuff.

Oh man, look at the pages of this one

This Zyd I found it through says “Tone of all references is anti semitic.” Sounds like a delight!

It’s sad that YOU don’t get to “play”. We can’t have an indirect dialogue about this, so it’s probably frustrating when I post about this subject. Put differently, if I talk about the strengths of Islam, or of Bush being a hippie in a suit, you are allowed to “vibe off that” in public if you want. Not the case with this.

And that’s why I can go on and on and on about it. Because this “forgotten world” is what they want people to know least about. I mean this superlatively. Out of any time and place in history this is THEE one they want buried. Not just the Pale though, note- what they were like in places like Romania too. You’re just not supposed to ask any questions about that.

Remember Ukraine’s national poet Shevchenko, and the emancipation of the serfs? That was in 1861. Most of the people in the Pale were borderline enslaved and didn’t have the education to keep memoirs or anything, so this find here is of utmost value. The only exception I can think of that is earlier than that is ONE Slavic schoolteacher who briefly wrote about the exploitation going on. That Galician mayor Słomka depicted serf life way into the turn of the century. Most of the time prior to 1900 is “dark”.

Here is something from that 1825 travelogue

Almost all the Jews we had seen, in the course of our journey, except at Kief, exhibited a picture of great degradation, wretchedness, and imposition.

This sounds familiar

Different individuals spoke of the “colonisation of the Jews,”

They like to tell themselves and us that they were “wretched” because they were so poor and persecuted in “ghettos” when the reality is that they had monopolized all trades.

It boggles my mind that Eastern Europeans alive today in the US don’t obsess over genealogical investigations like this. They’re doing the same thing to you that they did to your ancestors, and you don’t care? This must be another case of being genetically engineered to be slavebloods.

I love to say things that make me popular! It’s a quirk of mine.

Let’s jump from 1825 to 1859 now. Looks like Aschheim is confirmed

These people justify the former middle age superstition that the Jew is distinguished from the Christian by a peculiar bodily odor. You can scent them quite as far as you can see them.

It was only a couple decades after this that they bombed the emperor of Russia. That’s what triggered the pogroms that led to the waves of migration to the US.

Let’s jump to a 1928 Yid now

Imagine how they could manipulate that to their advantage. In the Pale everyone knew what a жид was, and they knew how to approach them for what they are. With all of that history buried they are able to operate more undetectably here.

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