Continuing another one of that Chinese historiographer’s threads about how the Eastern Roman Empire is something the contemporary west marginalizes

Until the Fourth Crusade it was the center of Christendom.

“Who funded the Fourth Crusade?”

Don’t worry about it.

According to that Chinaman, the plundering of the Byzantines was the material basis of the Renaissance.

Who am I kidding- with this 1100 year old empire I’m interested in the 109.

The first 300 years after the Talmud was written they were “victims” of at least four state-sponsored persecutions.

You ever look at Byzantine art? I have a peculiar fondness for it

Their population was never substantial in this empire, and we should probably ask why that was. After these persecutions, around the late 900s, is when the Radhanites began to flee north into Ukraine and Poland. Then to the west of the Byzantines, they had a prominent presence in Italy. Why did they prefer to live in those places?

Would the fal$ifier$ of hi$tory dare to bury an entire EMPIRE because they didn’t like them? 1100 years and we’re not taught much of anything about it.

I really wonder if in like ten years from now I’ll be randomly fired for my old internet posts. I think that’s what keeps most people away from even being interested in historiography.

Anyway, just speculating about why it would be buried.. IS this the only time that Christians occupied the place Israel is now located? For a few hundred years they did.

the son of Constantine, Constantius (also, apparently, a pious youth), forbade the Jews to enter Jerusalem. 

Russians have claimed to be successors of the Byzantines, carrying on their Orthodox Christianity as they do, so I’m on the Rusnet asking them about this

In general, the history of the Jews in Byzantium appears to us as a continuous series of strengthening anti-Jewish legislation. 

Is this part of Putin’s psychology in helping the Syrians? Some Russians consider Russia the “third Rome”.

This seems so primitive and this “Holy Land” still has such significance in our minds today

in the 7th century, the Persians struck Byzantium. The Jews went over to the side of the Persians and helped them capture Jerusalem.

So much of our politics, and so many of our political problems, are the result of them not having their own country. Maybe if they finally had that in a secure way they’d stop interfering in our lives so much? Yeah right, they’d probably just use that security to gain more control.

This statement from the Russian internet contrasts sharply with what I find on the English one

The history of the Jews in the Byzantine Empire is well recorded and preserved.

This old incentive for keeping them around is weird

the theological desire of the state to support the Jews as living evidence of the victory of Christianity

Like keeping neanderthals around to remind you you’re human? “So glad we’re not cunning and immoral like that anymore!” And now we live in a time where something like that is victorious instead.

Whether you want to feel bad for them or not, I think it’s difficult to deny that they’re a cursed people.

The 109 messed up their minds and the 109 is now messing up our minds.

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