Alright, do you people who “don’t agree with me about anything whatsoever” want to know what I think about certain things or not? You ostensibly do not. Do you even know what word means, “ostensibly”?

“NO, I know words that are two syllables maximum!”

I wonder what that says about?

“Yeah I’m a nigger who needs to be educated.”

Admit that in public some time. It would be for the best.

That would actually make me think more highly of you if you said that directly-

“I’m a nigger and I need to be educated.”

It’s alright, maybe you’re a sweetheart in disguise. Probably not. There are Hindu women who aren’t like that at all. There are different types of brown people in the world, and most of them aren’t human, something similar to ape. Do you identify with that at all? If you do then I have no respect for you. Find “coziness” with the rest of the apes like you, nigger.

Are you sad?

“Yes, I am, because I admit I’m a nigger who needs a master.”

Good work, if you do that then you finally show me a way I can respect you.

You think any of this is humor?

The best path in life for you is to loudly scream about how whites are the ones who created civilization. Can you do that? Or will you be engulfed with all the niggers of the world? Niggers are 90 some percent of the world, the Jew is 1 percent. There’s also another percent that hates both of them. You can decide who your real self is.

“My real self is one of these…”

There’s nothing I can do besides treat you like an animal I pat on the head. You’re a good animal. I’m not going to soothe you that you are an intelligent person.


You’re some hybrid between an animal and a human, probably.

Why can’t you prove to me you’re human sometime? If you were that then you’d be able to. Sadly, no one will ever see that. It’s only the animal that exists in public. Why don’t you change that?

“Because I’m a nigger who hates people who tell me what I am.”

Ah, many such cases.

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