Not exactly anthropology

heard John talking and the dolphin would go: ‘Wuh… wuh… wuh’ like John, and then Alice, his assistant, would reply in a high tone of voice and the dolphin would imitate her voice.

John C. Lilly did liken them to primitive humans though. He determined that they had the ambition to talk like us.

They’re smarter than great apes. I wonder if they have their own cosmology, or mythology. Lilly speculated about them learning English and being able to have a seat in the United Nations.

Who are you to judge them, bigot!

Because of the high frequency range of much of their phonations, Lilly found dolphin voices more audible when played back at slower speeds. When he played the tapes at half, quarter, eighth, or sixteenth speed he heard new things

“Unsurprisingly” I’m seeing no interesting CRISPR articles on dolphins. It makes sense that if we increased our intelligence we should increase how quickly we speak so we can convey more information within each second.

“Why is a nazi talking about this?” Because I’m a nazi.

Can’t you relate to dolphins?

Obligatory “just kidding”.

Noises they make- whistles, buzzings, raspings, barks, clicks, chirps, pulsings, and Bronx cheers. It’s known as Dolphinese. We can’t even hear certain things they “say”

Bottlenose dolphins can hear at frequencies from about 75 Hertz (Hz) to more than 150,000 Hz — well beyond the range of human hearing (20-20,000 Hz).

Monkey lips, isn’t this weird?

Is it evidence of a sense of humor that they like to turn turtles over and over?

Lilly actually did many invasive experiments where he put electrodes in their brains. He observed that they learned to press a button that stimulated a pleasant sensation faster than rhesus monkeys. Through a similar reward system he also observed that they can learn to speak within a human hearing range.

The Navy studied them and determined they have 32 distinct patterns of whistles. What do they talk about? Anything besides food and rape? Don’t we all get the impression there’s something “fun” about them or is that just projection? One whistle for food, 31 whistles that involve rape. No, I’m sure there are some dolphins that are good, consenting adults.

This is getting weird

240,000 people “speak” this language.

Achilles had the sun and moon on his shield, Odysseus had a dolphin on his.

What would intelligence without opposable thumbs be like?

Dolphins have no prehensile extremities; hence their intelligence has never gone in the direction of manipulating their environment — their thoughts have been left to develop inward. 

A biologist’s speculation about the sophistication of their whistles

more easily explained if they have two generators inside the head, operating independently

They confirmed that those phonic lips are independent.

This is the subject my studies in anthropology necessarily lead me to.

A woman lived with one of Lilly’s dolphins for months, trying to teach it to talk

I’ll leave that to your imagination. They believe it fell in love with her and that after the experiment was over it died of a broken heart.

While we’re getting into the “really weird”- Lilly dabbled with the idea that the dolphins spoke to him telepathically. He was a scientific person though so he hesitated to conclude it was real until there was empirical proof. The leftists are going to go out now and have sexual relations with psychic dolphins.

He refers to telepathy as the exchanging of visual images

There was a dolphin trainer in New Zealand who use to stand beside the tank and visualize what he wanted the dolphin to do and the dolphin would do it.

Lilly didn’t think just one dolphin spoke to him telepathically, he said the group-mind of the dolphins did. This is the experience he claimed to have had anyway.

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