Hmm I dunno about this

estimated that women made up 80 percent of graduate students pursuing PhDs in primatology

Do they distort that as much as they distort the reality about…

Wut why

I wonder why Peter the dolphin gets more action than me when I’m constantly putting all this into question.

Watch, these “scientists” discover reasons why they should be sloots and why our society should be gynocratic.

Here’s a prominent one. It’s kinda true though

Ahh I hate when I google something in Mandarin and it turns up results full of vanilla-faces. They “ape” the white man in so many ways over in China. I want to know what YOU think.

Ugh, the Chinese reference an Australian- this is interesting

the monkey gods in the ancient world and the “apes” in the Middle Ages were originally our “cousins.” The author also regards history as a process separated by a series of revolutions: the Alexander Conquest, the Newtonian era, the French Revolution, etc. Each revolution will trigger a bump in people’s understanding of non-human primates and produce new shocks.

The Sinonet at least tends to be useful for showing what isn’t on the immediate surface of the English internet.

“Please go back to talking about dolphins!”

Noooo I could probably spend months and months on primatology.

This Chinaman says Groves wrote the epitome of the history of western biology. You can count on “them” to keep some of the best professional Darwinians occluded.

This is who supervised his PhD

Napier was the world’s most eminent primatologist and primate taxonomist at the time.

Why you might never hear of these types

His suggestion that Groves undertake a taxonomic revision of gorillas by studying their skulls from British and overseas museums

Not finding that Groves book on the English web. From the Sinonet

Give him a frenchkiss. Give him more.

Nothing on that book in English so far. The Chinese say they might have discovered a new species in the Congo

What confuses primate biologists is that whenever the moon rises and sets, these mysterious monsters always roar. 

MSM avoids various subjects, as you know. Thought-experiment- if the “missing-link” were discovered would they even widely report on it?

You’ve probably heard of Jane Goodall? She’s usually considered the greatest primatologist of recent times. The Chinese say she often asked Groves for advice, calling him “the world’s top primatologist.”

You can read his taxonomy of primate species here. He even defines “species”.

Someone else I’ll have to look into

He says people find this difficult to accept. I know, that’s probably why I can’t find your Extended Family book!

Is the greatest primatologist in the world.. canceled?

The old taxonomic certainties with which we have been comfortable for so many years have been shaken to the core. Species that do not interbreed are somewhat of a rarity.

Is it possible, say, if I wanted to breed with some species of ape?


The difference makes bearing healthy young difficult, and the offspring would be infertile.

Wasn’t aware of this

These are big obstacles, but not necessarily insurmountable. 

Looks like chimp pussy is back on the menu. Sorry. No I’m not.

I wonder if the predominantly female primatologists of today talk about any of this.

You’d think this would be on his wiki

Thanks Sinonet.

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