One primatologist to another

Do I seem like a Jew to you, punk?

A gorilla expert talking with a chimp expert – that must be an interesting conversation. This sort of thing is a subfield of primatology.

They say you can’t understand anthropology without understanding primatology.

I always talk about East vs. West. How about gibbons vs. lemurs?

Can you even study them objectively with this attitude?

Equalists are some confuuuuused people.

In the middle ages, apes were regarded as a symbol of evil. If you try to think about a gorilla as if you’d never heard of or seen one before, that’s pretty easy to understand. Imagine if the government had been hiding all the apes in the world, and someone freed them, and you saw them for the first time.

Look at our cousins

They didn’t know about this until pretty recently. They could only speculate. For instance, Thomas Huxley in the mid 19th century thought we were most closely related to chimps and gorillas.

the human genome as a whole can be seen as a “mosaic,” in that different regions are differently related to chimpanzees and gorillas.

The chimp genome only began to be sequenced in 2005. Wonder why all this is so controversial?

You know uhhh… you can do this same diagram with humans right…?

Good luck finding that in a science article.

This is interesting, from the Sinonet

How many English-speaking scientists are jumping to translate a study like this?

Probably won’t because they still remember days like this

You cross the line you might as well count on getting your skull smashed in.

Exiled from society, shivering alone in the cold

Can you believe this?

This I learn from the Sinonet. African, Latinos, and aboriginal people account for less than 4%. 

When the “Human” Genome Project was finished in 2003 one scientist referred to it as a “draft”.

The last few years they studied 50,000 non-whites

to determine, among other things, if the Human Genome Project’s “draft” results could be generalized across ancestral groups.

Answer- no, it couldn’t be generalized.

What they could determine from those 50,000

The traits included everything from height to waist-to-hip ratio to fasting insulin level to white blood cell count to high- or low-density lipoprotein (aka HDL and LDL) to coffee consumption.

Notice nothing about the brain or personality traits is mentioned here. There’s a gene for a certain word. Starting to catch the drift?

These Chinese are funny

He says the Chinese are so smart in part because of the DAB1 variant gene. He doesn’t want even whites and yellows to mix because the offspring will not inherit it. Sounds like a more realistic person than you find in the west.

DAB1 is involved in organizing the layers of cells in the cerebral cortex, the site of higher cognitive functions.

They don’t have the cathedral, so there must be something right with it. I go to the Sinonet to see this stuff, so there must be something right with it!

Check out this article. He describes why DAB1 is so important. Not the kind of scientist you’ll be reading in English any time soon.

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