Ahhh how I envy them


No, not OUR North and South, unfortunately. Not like that would even matter these days anyway. You get the point though.

I decided to bake some chicken wings marinated in a certain kind of Szechuan sauce last night- just where my mind is at.

Just try to take a step back. The main countries that are considered “the enemy” here are right about many many things, and I often fantasize about moving to one. If one tried to kidnap me I wouldn’t resist hint hint. You’d risk getting tortured in Guantanamo if you did that. Or is it Libya they do that now?

“We can depend on our homegrown patriots.” Not that I can see. Russia has Elista. Besides that you people need some help. I’m not going to lord it over you, I simply speak directly. “You think we’re niggers!” No shit I do. Makes you wonder what I think about the people in the US if I prefer you. I actually knew a couple Chinese intellectuals somewhat personally, and I don’t think they could fulfill their true potential in either the US OR China. They moved over here because it was relatively freer. So I couldn’t really answer you about the nigger question, because both sides are so totalitarian. I know from them that wisdom is possible for the Chinese beyond 99% of whites. You just have to wonder, Chinaman, what it would look like if both totalitarianisms were dissolved. I do expect you’d have to show humility. Badiou is right that there isn’t anything in the way of true philosophy or science in China for thousands of years, and that’s something that adds up over time, that’s WHO you are. Moving “west” from you, that’s really a joke when looking at the Muslims. You’re both a “bound” sort of people. The west’s flaw is that it is too unbound. I’m not sure there’s an “ideal” in the world. I think of Russia for instance, and look at how ready they were for the Bolsheviks. Otherwise I might admire them. I still do, there’s just a hesitance, and for certain subspecies there’s more of a hesitance than others.

My dream is for a future cultural cop. If you see people acting like animals, like the Bolsheviks or Maoists were, then they’d chastise them or seize them. Muslims beheading people for entertaining a scientific mindset? Same thing. In my mind these are niggers, and many whites are similar to them. If you’re serious you will do genomic studies on these populations to isolate precisely what it is that makes them so reminiscent of an animal. Or are you too much of an animal yourself to conduct that? There’s no doubt in mind at all that there is a nearly all-pervasive “crypto-nigger” population upon the face of the earth. All of them are in denial of what they are. The simple test AGAIN is whether you relate to them when I talk about them. It’s all you, examining your own soul. It is not good to be on the side of the braindead. Most people are, and they hide it, they put on an unfazed face for the public. This is how they’ve survived, they’re very good at that. They know that they live in illusion and they are able to fool both themselves and everyone else. Puh, the idea of seeing something like this post from a pleb-prog, alt-lite do-rag, chink, or mudslime, that’s too funny. They should just give control of the UN in general to me and mine, all the world would be better off. I have high hopes for you genetic slaves, you deserve better conditions.

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