I think I owe something to the browns, women, and jews who have endured the suffering here.

I know what’s best for you, and you are too proud.

All you protected groups. Can’t we formalize them? You’re protected groups.

I have advice for all of you though, if you aren’t narcissists

That is to stop.

For those who don’t care about the brainwash that is implemented you are immoral constantly. The only request is simple, and that is stop.

“Why should I prove myself with your framework when I can prove myself with the corporate one and make lots of money and be lauded in the eyes of the people?”

Good question. I don’t laud you. Lots of morons do. If that makes you happy then…

“Yes it does.” I know it does. Very sad to see.

“We’re making people like YOU invisible.” Yes, all the retards like to do that.

“I’m going to stop reading you some day if you keep accusing me of that.” There’s no motivation for me to write when people are like you anyway.

All the jews niggers whores muds cheer at the idea of no one ever questioning them ever again, and that is “leftism”.

Where were you in the early 2000s? I myself was telling all the subhumans what they are. What were you doing? Being one of those niggers? You probably were.

I intended to make this specific post an ode to brown women in a way. You can be attractive, you’ve just never proved it in an intellectual way. All your representatives only demonstrate that they “can’t”. Can you not? Show me you’re not someone I’d interpret as some kind of jungle offshoot. I doubt you can.

“We’ll show you!” – I doubt you will. Someone without any dignity at all justifying your nigger causes is all I can expect. Prove me wrong. You can’t, nigger.

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