Yeah let’s have a party, I bet you’d be too ashamed to even look me in the eye. Is there a mask you can wear for your eyes too?

“I’m just trying to survive, mannnn.”

No, I think its more than that. Almost everyone seems to be at least a quarter demon.

I only want to have a party with people who aren’t like that at all.

I question whether anyone’s ever had a “good time” before without the kind of thoroughgoing elitism that I discuss. Always have to settle for being around frauds and retards. Such a good time that is. You probably fit in well with them, if I had to guess.

My extreme misanthropy makes me laugh. I can only have a good time with myself.

There are good books too, fortunately. The Baron Evola’s third of three volumes on magic dropped the other day, and that’s making me laugh too. It might as well be a cartoon to the fallen world, it isn’t a cartoon to me.

I wish I only had my bros who visited this site instead of all the hellspawn, then I’d probably post more about this kind of thing

Do not even attain the level of a sane and normal man… and they think they can attain the higher degrees.

If part of your soul is bound to the present order of things you have no hope. Hunter-gatherers, farmers, (something else).

Exceedingly strict occultism is what follows from general racism.

Do I claim to know what the pinnacle is like? I think I have a pretty good idea. What I do know for sure is many many farces do I witness. I know what it’s not. I wouldn’t be surprised if you thought of that type of person as your good friend.

The chances are, at a party you’d just avoid me. Probably whisper about me like a coward when I’m out of earshot. Sound familiar? Makes how pathetic you are more real when I put it that way, huh?

Anyone who doesn’t feel attacked, I’d like to celebrate with. Celebrate the fact that we are not “them”, and that we are “us”. Yes, we’re proud to not be one of the sad, unevolved beings that lives in cope and needs trillions of dollars in propaganda to hide the fact of how sickening they are.

How could I possibly have a good time with someone like that? Someone who participates in hiding the fact of that? When you look down at the ground instead of looking me in the eye I’d probably have the urge to eat your face off. You’re part of the animal kingdom to me, critter.

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