Just trying to speak objectively without any hubris or anything, I think my general worldview is similar to “Plato’s Idea”. And there’s been a controversy going on for years that seeks to prevent people from knowing about it, or understanding it correctly.

I’m just a random person typing on the internet and that’s my conclusion, I’m not trying to be arrogant or something, it just seems accurate. So many people avoid talking about the very center of the matter. Tell me about this conspiracy, because I feel there is one. They want ignorance to be the only thing that exists in the world. They try to re-shape people’s perceptions without ever directly referencing the “Idea”.

Sorry if that’s narcissistic, it seems true. Most whites can never admit it either. You were either Esther’d or live in Esther’s order.

They all work together to keep the Idea dim. Why is that?

Probably because thinking about it doesn’t hurt me, and it hurts others.

I can even think of someone like Moldbug indirectly condemning me. What is it all about? Even the supposedly best minds have to keep this hidden?

What do you actually believe? I wish we could just have a normal conversation. No chance of that though. Almost everyone is happy to have Plato’s Idea obscured if not disappeared altogether.

They just laugh at me when I wonder “Why don’t I have any friends?” It’s because they’re some type of nigger. People who aren’t that don’t exist anymore. It’s an ongoing disappearance of idealism.

“Yeah, and let me prove how subhuman I am now!” Thanks, I love to go through the living people and find human failure after human failure and nothing else.

“I’ll give you conclusive proof that I’m not one of those.” That’s only something a real person would do, and those don’t exist.

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