HAHA what a waste of time over there

the Taliban now controls about 75 percent of the country

This is from the Arabnet.

This is the ‘murican side of the story

I feel like a Christmas elf right now. Do you know who Afghanistan borders??

Seeing something like an Iranian Revolution 2.0 in 2021 would be so inspiring.

Just keep expanding territory…

OK hippie

Keep in mind, I’m thinking about this in the context of my previous post. From the Arabnet

Washington has achieved only tactical victories without achieving strategic successes

Someone like them finally won

I’ll never forget the time I saw my first Afghan citizen speak, it was on a twitter thread about US involvement in his country. All he said was, “Can you guys just leave us alone?” Something about that stuck with me.

Look how they do it over there–similar to Iran–they have Quran hermeneuticists as authorities

The leadership of the Islamic Emirate was appointed by a legitimate election and with the pledge of allegiance to 1500 legal scholars

Our scientism here is so paltry. I’d like my patch of the country to be run by scholars of the Great Books.

Withdrawal from Afghanistan is another Vietnam, we just don’t know it yet. Except this time it isn’t commies that won.

(P. S. that historiographer He Xin has writings on how the Vietnam War was secretly a war against China, and seems accurate.)

The Arabnet claims the US has spent 2.3 trillion dollars in Afghanistan over the last two decades. That’s close to 1/10th of the National Debt. And for what?

My own interpretation? Afghanistan was about indirectly destabilizing Iran, the center of gravity of Israel’s enemies. When all your fellow Muslims around you are defeated that makes you weak, and you’re next.

Ahhh if only a woman would wear a symbolic hijab for me. Bliss. I shouldn’t even torment myself with that thought.

Look, they’re psyopping everyone

The Taliban is still fighting the US-installed puppet government

they encircle and isolate big cities and population centers, including by attacking infrastructure like power pylons, bridges, and highways. Finally, they carry out targeted killings of government and military officials in those cities

Their president has been working for the World Bank since 1991. He also taught at Berkeley. Why do they make it so obvious? In early 2002 he was the chief advisor of the then-president. Oust him!

They seized this district, I bet he’s scared

Can you relate to them at all?

Kabul is their capital. Imagine if this was DC

Power infrastructures have been blown up just outside of Kabul. So for days, Kabul was without power.

Aamir Sahib Ajmal is the head of the Taliban’s intelligence services. He has his soldiers stop cars to determine if there’s anyone inside linked to the government.

We have to get on their level!

The Taliban don’t see themselves as a mere rebel group, but as a government-in-waiting.

How’d they do it? They must have writings on it somewhere

Obviously it would be an inopportune time to publish their strategies right now.

Am I a traitor for being happy for them? This has been going on since some of my earliest memories

Would you have the tenacity to fight the cathedral for 20 years? Have you ever even tried to fight it for 20 seconds?

It’s estimated that 120,000 Afghans have been killed throughout this conflict. I think that number and more is worth the sacrifice if we were to carry out an insurgency in the US.

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