S’prised I haven’t asked the Vietnamese about this yet. This is how they frame it

They think of their victory as “the legend of the century”. They must be a distinctly proud people after that. They’re probably looking at the Taliban right now and thinking, Damn, we’re not the only ones anymore.

This one Vietnamese writer says 100s of works have been written by Americans to explain the war and none of them are satisfactory.

The French were fighting them for 9 years before the Americans showed up, and they still won. So HOW? What’s their perspective on that? We don’t have to wait to hear it like we probably will have to for the Taliban.

Just hopping around, and look, the Vietnamese know this about us

Just think of that one side by side with the one in question. The Civil War means EVERYTHING and the Vietnam War means NOTHING. You probably don’t even want to hear about the Vietnam War. Neither do you want to hear about the Civil War, though for directly opposite reasons- for the one because it’s so unimportant, for the other because it’s TOO important.

In 1970 the diplomat Le Duc Tho told Kissinger

We would rather sacrifice everything than return to slavery again.

Whites with this attitude… -drumroll- None.

She’s not looking so bad when you think about it that way

Anyway, just see this post as providing a contrast. You feel pretty much nothing when I discuss this conflict, right? When I discuss other ones, even though they’re farther away in time, you tend to feel a lot more emotion.

Still, I’d be interested in seeing this

a team is working on a documentary to refute the mistakes of the series The Vietnam War by two American directors

This was a 2017 production they find many faults with. I remember some boomers from that time watching it and praising it. (The Ken Burns one.)

A 90 year old Vietnamese man is helping them with this documentary

I have a duty to say what I have known, eyes seen and ears heard.

I’ve seen some people like this on the Italian internet. I bet your first instinct is to side with the Vietnamese. Even if you don’t know the details of that war whatsoever.

You hear that in prog books for adults these days they sometimes underline it in red when the “villain” speaks? Just so you never think outside the box, gotta be extra careful!

Over 40 years later and they’re still making documentaries full of lies about the Vietnam War- they’ll probably do that with the War on Terror too.

This is what the story of history looks like for them – bet you never considered this while watching Apocalypse Now

In the same way you don’t think of Roundheads and Cavaliers, or others I won’t mention.

This is what they say about war in general

a permanent danger that can even be considered a “typical feature” of Vietnamese history. That characteristic had a profound impact on the psychological life, cultural behavior, and development policy of Vietnam not only before and during the wars but also had long-term consequences in the thinking of a people

No, I know of no study on this concept. A study like that could change the world, give people (probably everywhere) self-awareness, so of course it doesn’t exist.

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