Something called the Textbook Revolution

in the 1890s… the professional discipline of history reached the university level, and U.S. history entered the curriculum in secondary schools across the board.

This is too spicy for most. 9/10 history textbooks were written by the north. Don’t you want to know the facts? I want to know the facts. That Norman characteristic was news to me, was it news to you? I always thought it was Puritan vs. Puritan.

Aren’t the Vietnamese right about us?

So this seems highly important.

What were those 1/10 textbooks like?

Someone named Mildred Rutherford seems to have written a book titled The Truths of History.


Late on Christmas night, as she convalesced, her house suffered a devastating fire, consuming many of her personal papers

The South is its own Atlantis yknow.

I know I’m fighting a losing battle with this. All I want to know is the facts.

Had you ever heard of the brains of the South, that George Fitzhugh, til I brought him up? He makes lots of keen points. Heisman believed he was the missing link in the history of philosophy between Rousseau and Nietzsche on the concept of freedom.

Do you want your perception-warping for the day? Are you sure you’re ready?

Recent data shows there have been 2,104 shooting victims in Chicago alone this year. A bunch of white people are responsible, I’m certain. If I were black I’d prefer to not live in that sort of urban jungle.

Here are a few points that Mildred Rutherford believed children were being wrongly “indoctrinated” about

-The Constitution of the United States 1787, was a compact between sovereign states, and was not perpetual nor national

-The War Between the States was not fought to hold the slaves

-Slaves were not ill-treated in the South

That’s just her side of the story! Could you ever believe it?

Only a minority owned slaves anyway. A disproportionate amount of them Talmudists.

I’m sure you can never get over the indoctrination though.

If she is at all right about the Constitution that’s pretty profound.

Try to step outside of yourself, TRY. What if this were true?

that the South was a force for good and the North was a force of oppression.

Evil villain cartoon characters lived in the South, right?

There seems to have been a secret “double-founding” in our country

Susan Pendleton Lee operated with this interpretation of the Constitution and state sovereignty in order to justify the South’s secession. What is more vindicating than operating off of the precedent set forth by the Founding Fathers?

Heisman calls our nation’s favorite martyr Lincoln the Conqueror.

Am I starting to warm you up yet or is that impossible?

I knew a black guy who was a Catholic and he was a better person than most whites. You don’t see many of those. They were better off then than they are now with their “rap religion”. Go live in certain places of Chicago and prove me wrong! Do it!

The reason it’s illegal to criticize them is because everyone KNOWS that they have the nature that they do and that the only way to prevent them from creating a jungle around them is through strict management that would seem akin to slavery. I’m not a slavery advocate, I only suggest we change our basic attitude which is based in delusions. If all they do is fuck, eat, and hate white people they’re living a degraded existence. They’d be better off with religion imposed on them. It’s sad to see- even the mulattoes act like baboons. That doesn’t help them either.

We need LAW-yers to go back to these buried textbooks and see if they’re right about the Constitution so we can figure out what we can do about it today, because we know the hysterical left is never going to budge about any of this. Let them wallow in their Congo country and we can create a new country of our own.

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