Back to this anomaly again

My first thought is are “they” trying to mess with Iran somehow. Because I’ve seen this theme a few times

This is more of a “kill you in the dark” kind of thing. Iraq and Afghanistan are more prominent, and Armenia might be getting dissolved in a subtler manner.

I’m not letting these Israelis get away with anything. Very secretive “cloak and dagger” type of behavior I can expect all over the middle east region. They want this area is malleable as possible. They want everyone to dance to their tune.

Look at some possibilities with this here

Recall my post on the Kurds. This is a potential “second Israel”. That would cause trouble for both of their main enemies, Syria and Iran.

This is all part of their Yinon Plan.

This is just last year that they made these four bow

What’s happening north of here though?

My old friend Mark never mentioned this!

So, their plan, ideally, is to mash them between “Kurdistan”, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, this last one also a pushover for the kikes. And that would cut them off from Iran. Eventually they probably hope to absorb them into all the surrounding countries. I.e. a secretive form of genocide. Bet you didn’t hear a report about this side of it last year. It was purely a conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, right? If sand swirls in the wind in the MENA region and its peripheries I’m going to wonder if Israel is behind it. They want all of that area to themselves. Even if they don’t live on it, they want obedient zombies who believe everything they want them to believe. They’ve been fighting each other for thousands of years, they want to finish the job once and for all. I’ve seen some speculate that the 1915 Armenian genocide was organized by Jews. Never gonna hear about that.

Is this perhaps an obscure /ourguy/?

the ethnoreligious teaching of Garegin Nzhdeh (1886-1955), who supported Nazi Germany during WW2, is included in Armenia’s current educational curriculum, the report said.

Looks like my kind of people

I show you this again- this was sneaky

The next step is to make this look like less of an anomaly and unite these two parts of Azerbaijan.

Even if you wanted to say the true motives for this you wouldn’t be able to. They’re eliminating the Atlanteans of the world whether it’s through propaganda mind-control or through outright seizures of land.

They want it so there’s no memory at all of those people who made soap “jokes”

I actually see the recent and quiet handing-over of Nagorno-Karabakh to the philosemites as something many of us can relate to. Instead of land for people in the west it’s their WILL that they hand over. It’s their very beliefs and personalities they give up. Congratulations, you’re probably more of a spiritual kike than you were a year ago. And you’re probably so servile you won’t even say anything against it.

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