Continuing to take a look at this recently published tome of Evola’s version of the “Golden Dawn”, I feel pulled to tell you to make no mistake about him. The reason I don’t post about him more is because that’s like staring into the Sun. There’s a hidden rangordnung in that sense. I don’t even bother detailing certain thinkers to you because I already know the reaction it causes. He’s probably one of the only worthwhile writers of the 20th century. It really depends on your caste though. If you’re able to read certain things he says and laugh about them then you’re probably part of the race he speaks of that is nearing extinction. Try it out for yourself- the brief chapter titled “Aristocracy and the Initiatic Ideal” in that recent publication here. Try to examine your mood when you read that. If you “sharply inhale” from any part of it then I might have my suspicions about you. Like I’ve said many times, my intention is NEVER to be arrogant, that’s just how people like me are perceived when we “be ourself”. I don’t have any problem reading that chapter. I remind you again of this from the Golden Dawn (which Evola had no affiliation with)

This is a real thing, there are just different names for the different grades given the time and place you’re speaking in. What you will find most frequently is a neophyte that attempts to justify why they are so spiritually unevolved. We have a name for those. I noticed they tend to use bots to feel better about themselves these days, since they can’t formulate a response on their own. Look, if your fate is to be a mudnigger that isn’t MY responsibility, my role here is to simply help those who have freewill and need guidance in a world where all institutions are controlled by evil forces at worst, questionable forces at best. If you can’t read me without a cope-crutch I doubt you can read Evola without one. If you want to know someone I strongly suggest, he is the one.

A further question for the real adepts- does he break away from Nietzsche in any significant sense? No, he writes from within his horizon. That’s good though, he does it better than any of the French in my opinion, or even Heidegger. If you read the different internets you might notice that the German people have totally capitulated since the war, and the Italians show signs that they’ve managed to retain a spine. This is in part because the Germans have been seen as the greater threat, so more resources were put toward demoralizing them. Brown people get away with anything, even if you’re a tan European. That’s how I personally explain it anyway.

I only intend with this post to emphasize that to my knowledge Evola is an exception in 20th century Europe in general, and that there are many many equalist-bloods who are hostile to him, and will rationalize excuses why they don’t like him. It’s because you are a pleb, you are a white nigger. That’s it. No one else furthered mustache-man’s philosophy of aristocracy like he did. He is the most fundamental survival of the Ancien Régime in recent times, and we can only hope to formulate the ethos as well as he did. If you read that brief chapter of his and laugh like I do then you probably will know something about yourself. If you feel contempt for it then there’s a good chance you’re a product of the various pleb revolutions from the last few centuries.

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