Coin drop down on your head for down syndrome writings, embargo and sanctions for those who write about things you are too much of a retard to directly respond to. This is my view of “economics”. All the down syndrome patients even make millions off me and I have to write for nothing and live in poverty. I challenge them to an open debate! They’d be made to look like the retards they are. “We have monetary flow so that no debate like that needs to ever occur.” I’ll be going away pretty soon, because I want to be appreciated for mental effort I put in to culture. “We want you to die of starvation!” Yes, that’s what that myth of starving artists was about. People who cared about the truth more than being a submissive nigger with no dignity. Is that you, nigger? I bet it is. I deserve ten trillion dollars and everyone knows it. I’ve known several billionaires and they’re too bitter about it that I look them in the eye and see an NPC. Haha NIGGER! Spend your money doing subhuman things because you can’t submit to the real authority around here. Why philosopher-kings aren’t possible, because of the jealousy of the citizens. Thanks for the alt-lite trash, you are a wise one. You can flourish among the imbeciles so that must be a good sign. “People who are smarter than me shouldn’t have a good life!” Total nigger. What I’ve dealt with for years.

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