Hmm you don’t say?

It was made into a movie in 1976 titled Shadow of Angels, and I’m not seeing either a watchable or purchasable version on google.

I looked up “satirical anti-semitism” in German. I see this play mentioned as well as a novel I touched on once briefly, Soll und Haben by Gustav Freytag, which some say was one of the most widely read of the 19th century. A year after Shadow of Angels actually, Fassbinder wanted to make a movie on Soll und Haben and they didn’t let him. A silent film of it was made in 1924 and that also I do not see on google. While we’ve never heard of it here, there are several secondary texts on this novel in German.

Know what would be PERFECT? A satirical novel on the theme of “the state within a state”. Since I don’t know of something like that I’m settling for this one.


Few would deny that the popular image of the Jew was fixed in popular imagination more by the novels of Gustav Freytag and Wilhelm Raabe than by… Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

Here’s someone else. Which would you prefer?

Dinter portrayed “the Jew” as irredeemably vile. Freytag poses greater difficulties. Beginning in the 1880s, Freytag spoke out against antisemitism

Dinter wrote a trilogy called The Sins of Time around the same years Jünger wrote Storm of Steel. What are you doin here? Why don’t you just stick with Jünger like a good goy. Such a psyop, that man.

No, The Sins of Time is not translated. Half of why I’m here is to reveal concealment.

He also wrote a book on the Talmud while writing this trilogy so he probably knows his stuff.

Do you find this old German font easy to read, cuz I don’t

Look at this psyop, so many different editions, and this isn’t even half of them

Well, at least we have a few more books to add to that very limited list which contains the Egyptian Darkness trilogy, Levi and Sarah, etc. The most toxic website on the planet, you’re on it.

Yeah, they buried Dinter well. Moving on

Some of you anons could probably make contemporary screenplays out of these novels and sell them to MENA peoples. That would give me so much hope if I witnessed a cross-fertilization like that. From German or Russian prose to Arabic or Persian film, to English subtitles. Under this totalitarianism that truly seems like one of the paths of least resistance.

Alright, you’re warming me up to this one

Quirky humor, however, isn’t the only sort of mirth Raabe offers his readers. Another one’s irony. Reading the book is so much like listening to someone tell a story that some phrases appear to be equipped with a video file with the narrator’s smirk in it.

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