Scott’s Rebecca is shipped with Roger’s Shylock here. Another probable reason for why he’s marginalized today.

Do you like to be mowed?

If you’re not actively reading this sort of material, in a way similar to the way boomers read newspapers, then you’re deciding to be mowed.

I’m just gathering together all the obscure material I can find.

Bresciani’s 1850 novel L’ebreo di Verona. The Italians surprisingly didn’t write much literature like this, relative to other euros. You can find it though.

Invernizio’s 1887 novel L’orfana del ghetto

Her Jewish characters seek vengeance, thirst for hatred, and act with tremendous tenacity, vindictiveness, and malice. Invernizio presents the God of Israel as a merchant God with whom one can bargain.

You’d be surprised how many reactionaries are content watching Fox news to be “free”. That’s just a distraction. Beware the con-men on social media as well. They might as well all be Talmudists for how much they distract from the root of the problem. Gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss. This is how you stay above the snooze they impose.

Know what I’ve been looking for for a while? Romanian, Hungarian, Balkan literature, that general area, I know of next to nothing from there, and in a few of those countries the Kagal was most prominent before they had to flee to the US, so there’s bound to be a lot of material to discover somewhere.

I do not respect the so-called forcefield around them. I will deliberately violate it.

Just doing a genealogical dig, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty in the excavation that’s probably your loss. I’m willing to make the bold statement that any of this literature–even if technically minor–which treats the JQ will carry you to loftier planes than most what we call classic novels. Sorry! While it has its place (why else do I often talk about various classics?) it’s mostly for slaves in their idle time. Anti-semitic novels on the other hand have direct political application and thus possess an immediate emancipatory effect. You can waste your time with the mischling Proust though by all means.

Do you feel like Nagorno-Karabakh? Many people do remind me of that. A former thinking being that is now a pawn that was settled by another pawn. Pretty soon you will, like Armenia, be absorbed into the surrounding peoples and cease to exist, and cease to remember you ever had a spine at one time.

Just shoveling up some forgotten writers no one else is going to

Hobson would target Jews in his 1900 publication The War in South Africa, where he claimed that a small group of international financiers, German in origin and Jewish in race, had masterminded British imperialist policy in South Africa.

“They’re all the way in THAT remote region too?!” If they were, no one would say they were.

I don’t have to click the article to know it’s going to be surface-level distraction

Remember this guy that’s banned on amazon?

He also has a book on South African banking you might want to check out.

People know I’m right about all this, that’s why they ritualistically pray for my death, and without ever even saying my name. That’s just how they operate. And I wish an anthropologist would do a study on it. Capital is on the side of the turds of the world and both groups are actively opposed to the people who have souls. God puts so much evil in the world otherwise life would be boring, that’s how I see it.

Anyway, this book is a treasure-trove if you ctrl+f “novel”

Coincidentally, in the mid-1930s, a few novels appear that depict Jewish characters as part of revolutionary movements in general


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