I’m just a simple Cartesian who is willing to doubt anything and this seems like the most suspicious thing in the world, that you will be imprisoned or fined for so much as discussing in a critical manner a certain subject involving striped pajamas in all these places

Then there are still legal technicalities in some of the euro countries not in red too. For instance if you attempt to justify the holocaust you will be imprisoned in Spain. Okay, and wear a hammer and sickle shirt and people only wink at you.

I’m just looking at that South African banking book and for some reason this kind of thing is in there?

A German must have been shaking a severed jew head up in the air to make them all smile like that, right?

I think it’s all starting to make sense now. The commie elites are Jews and leftists want to protect this myth from being exposed because that would jeopardize their political project (of turds being falsely recognized as human). Too much reality for you in one paragraph?

What could this possibly mean?

Our entire political reality is a CON that’s been orchestrated by plutocrats.

Doesn’t it wash over you, when you realize without this myth in place you’re a turd. Because that’s what preserves the illusion that you’re not. A filthy stinking thing that needs constant lies to believe that’s not what you are.

Tell me, why didn’t the leaders of the Allies side mention anything about the supposedly most important event in history?

Did you ever get around to reading these two and the responses to them?

There’s even reason to believe it’s fewer than 1.1 million. I just don’t think you’re ready for that. If you want to read this book about BANKING then you can learn about that for yourself.

The smelly subhumans who are outside of the ideological bubble don’t want to be known for what they are, that’s what this is all about. They don’t care it’s a myth, whatever insures that the false image about them is maintained is all they care about. They don’t want to be seen for what they are. And the striped pajamas make sure of that. NIGGER!

Let’s make society in your image, subhuman. Sounds like everything will go well, huh? You don’t care. You can’t expect a subhuman TO care! The only option is to kill them and/or put them on closely watched farms where they don’t stain public discourse with their negro whines.

“All of a sudden I love this myth!” Good, at least you’re honest that it’s a myth. That’s an improvement.

Do you get it yet?

It’s a myth used to cement a certain ideology, and it’s questionable whether that ideology is beyond reproach. The myth makes it so.

Even Latinos are leveled with this myth-grounded ideology in place. Would you say that effect it has is beyond reproach? Sounds like a bunch of niggers who don’t know what they’re doing.

Once you let the myth melt away then everything else follows, and you will be able to think clearly, perhaps for the first time in your life. And I doubt that’s possible for these animals. Thus one does deduce that violence is the only answer.

“I can’t let people know WHAT I am!” The fact that you continue to keep all this secret is only more evidence that you are exactly THAT.

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