I just try to separate myself more and more from any type of communist. Much to my chagrin I’ve discovered that most with a “national socialist” inclination are just that, there’s something socialistic about them. If I lose friends I don’t really lose friends because those people could never truly be my friend anyway.

Some people will say I’ve talked about the following too much. I personally don’t think so. My own perception is changed when I look at pictures like this. If you want to join me on my journey of demythologization you can.

Doesn’t look like that bad of a place to live. I’d suggest they pave the roads.

What do you think, am I a good real estate agent? I hide the infamous fence of course. That can be taken down in due time. You know, the ARBEIT MACHT FREI one that they usually show this place with. The way they portray this place it’s like something out of Halloween. The houses here are NOT haunted, I want to interest you in buying property here. We’ll of course put modern windows in before you move in. And there will be flowers growing everywhere.

Here are some aerial views

Is your perception changing when you see it that way? Mine does. And I thought I was a veteran of this stuff who’d seen it all. It’s just a place.

This is pretty tasteless in my opinion

These are some ones with an actual sense of humor

You think an old desert religion is something to make light of similar to animism? Then prepare to be a scapegoat sacrifice. No one will care if you die, because that simply isn’t something you can laugh at. Even if it mostly never didn’t even happen.

Most Jewesses I’ve known, I wouldn’t mind if they were in here

Most of them actively rationalize to the public why people of a “gypsy” nature are good. They have us all so confused about the meaning of morality that there’s probably no hope of getting out of it at this point. You’re doomed and it’s all their fault, for not facing their flaws and instead blaming everyone else. You live in a gypsy culture now, and you’re probably going to die in one.

This isn’t even “me” really, it’s just when I sit down at the internet and think “what’s the most important thing to say?” I conclude this is the most prominent thing.

Can you just ask yourself please, do you feel like a gypsy? Is that why you like this myth in place?

Or do you feel like someone who’s part of their con out of necessity?

What is going to happen if you do not admit it and try to change instead of being proud of living in a gypsy culture?

I don’t even care anymore, you’re all a bunch of gypsies and commies. Your goal isn’t to improve, it’s to change perception so that immoral people are looked upon as good.

“Even if I am a subhuman you shouldn’t say it.” Why is that, why should I trust the judgment of someone as lowly as you?

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